Written by: Natasha Pleis

Lights twinkling, holiday music playing, hot cocoa in hand — there is nothing quite as idyllic as the quintessential Christmas markets. Originating in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France during the middle ages, these markets have quickly become a staple during the advent season. Local vendors come from the countryside to the bustling cities, bringing each region’s speciality in cuisine and craft. 

There is plenty of fun, food, and drinks to be had at one of these ten best Christmas markets to visit this year.

1. Prague, Czech Republic
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2. Strasbourg, France
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3. Berlin, Germany
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4. Salzburg, Austria
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5. London, England
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6. Paris, France
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7. Nuremberg, Germany
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8. Basel, Switzerland
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9. Copenhagen, Denmark
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10. Passau, Germany
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Grab a coat and head to one — or all of these magical markets!

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