Returning from ten days in Cuba, the time felt slow in a good way. It was the right amount of time to savor each destination, allowing for spontaneity and relaxation. Something I have been seeking in travel is a slower pace, getting adjusted to the local way of life — not trying to do it all. Cuba offers a wide range of experiences, and pending your interests, you can add or take away from this 10 day Cuba itinerary.

I was looking to spend a decent amount of time in Havana, enjoy Viñales, and relax in Trinidad as I had heard great things about these three destinations. Two nights were added in Cienfuegos, and in hindsight, I would have not gone to Cienfuegos overnight. I would have taken those two days, and added one to Havana and the other to Playa Boca near Trinidad.

So here’s my 10 day itinerary for slow travel in Cuba.

What to Know Before Visiting Havana, Cuba

There’s a lot you need to know before choosing to visit Cuba in general, and this post goes into great detail of the logistics of travel in Cuba.

  • You will need CUC (local tourist currency) for payment.
  • For getting around town, by foot is often the easiest. Or for a small fare local taxis, collectivos, or bicycle taxis can get you around.
  • It should be noted to be aware of crumbling buildings, as our host forewarned us that we should watch where and under what we walk for safety concerns.
  • Whenever you hear music, follow the sound to what will probably be a good dance party that often happens in the street. Trust me.
  • Always carry small change and toilet paper for the times you may need a restroom break.
  • Wear good walking shoes and mind your step. (A post on good walking shoes.)

Day 1-4: Havana
Havana is brilliant. It holds so much to it that is more than just the pretty photos — it’s raw in the alluring kind of way. Explore the streets, soak in the music at night, and let the days take you where it will.
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Stay:  Airbnb
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Day 4-6: Viñales
If you’re looking to spend time in the countryside, Viñales is the place to go. Imagine horseback rides through the valley, tobacco farms filling the air with a sweet scent, and nights that fade into the most brilliant sunsets. This is the place to come for a breath of fresh air.
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Stay: Villa Farners

Day 6-9: Trinidad
Trinidad is magical. It’s perfectly preserved streets that echo the era of colonial times, make for a lively place to be. With many paladares to choose from, the dining is exciting. The location is more than ideal as you’re minutes from the ocean, the mountains, and other destinations nearby. Trinidad provides many days of fun, and its easy-going tempo feels like a vacation.
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Stay: Airbnb
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Day 9-10: Havana, Cienfuegos, or La Boca
Originally when planned, we spent the time in Cienfuegos, but I would have opted to spend another night in Havana, or tacked on an extra night at the beach. Pending where your flight departs from, there’s a wide range of destinations for your last night.

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