If you read my latest article on 8 reasons why every coupled should travel, you’ll know my husband and I have a passion for traveling. We love going somewhere new and exploring a city, getting immersed in a foreign land, and having just a blast. Picking a destination is always the best part of travel, and the next time you and your significant other go on a trip here is where you should go…

10 Destinations Every Couple Should Visit

1. Paris, France
Need I say more than a croissant in hand, and walking along the Seine?

2. Thailand
A bit of adventure, a bit of relaxation, and a whole lot of culture. Take to a few destinations in Thailand for a full trip like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and the Phi Phi Islands. 

photo from: http://www.tat-la.com/files/Destinations/krabi/PhiPhiIsland.jpg
photo from: http://www.tat-la.com/files/Destinations/krabi/PhiPhiIsland.jpg

3. Santorini, Greece
Not a sunset or sunrise to complain about on the cliffs of the Chaldean islands. Truly a place to have a romantic week with endless infinity pools. 

4. Amalfi Coast, Italy
Italian charm, small romantic towns along the way, and the Mediterranean atmosphere.

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Overwater villas, clear blue lagoons, and a taste of French culture. Take this trip on your next anniversary.

6. St Lucia
Lush island in the caribbean, boasting white sand beaches, and tall mountains for a dramatic landscape. 

7. Bali
A destination to sit back on the beach, take in the view, have a good fruity cocktail and spa away the day. 

photo from: www.bulgarihotels.com
photo from: www.bulgarihotels.com

8. Annecy, France
Known as the most romantic city in the world, these winding cobblestone roads, alpes filled views, and adorable passageways are begging for romance.

9. Jungle Safari, Africa
Get ready to get your adventure on, grab a camera and get in touch with your wild side. 

photo from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-r-ycDLV6QOo/UbBec04RebI/AAAAAAAAAIE/xtSAcXfhs2w/s1600/IMG_0393.JPG
photo from: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-r-ycDLV6QOo/UbBec04RebI/AAAAAAAAAIE/xtSAcXfhs2w/s1600/IMG_0393.JPG

10. Your own city 
Maybe this is not the most obvious, but put on a fresh pair of lenses and explore your own city. Find somewhere you haven’t been yet, go to a new cafe and fall completely in love with where you live.

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