One of the most commonly asked questions is, “so what does a blogger do?” It’s not always clear, and often the cover of the book showcases only a small slice of the business of blogging, so I thought it’d be helpful to answer it in a longer format.

Each blogger runs their blog differently, but here are the 10 hats I find myself wearing on an almost-daily basis.

1. Photographer
Photos are the core of my blog and social media content, and it’s the aspect of the blog I love most. My creative side adores the process of learning how to use a camera, shoot, curate, and edit in tools like Lightroom. Capturing a beautiful moment is one of the highlights of the job.

2. Writer
Writing is the second largest component of the blog. Learning to write content that shares a story, is informative, and sparks inspiration has been my focus since the beginning. Writing was actually what originally inspired me to to start blogging.

3. Social Media Managing
There’s quite a bit that goes into posting a photo to Instagram or a link on Facebook. When to post, what to post, how to post, which medium to post to, which color tones, does it match other images, what to say in a caption — all of this goes into managing the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.

4. Planning
The schedule can be a bit manic. With back to back trips, content deadlines, and figuring out what will flow together — managing and scheduling is key. Every element of every trip is planned. Choosing hotels that are on brand, tons of research on where to go, and document, and figuring out what to showcase in a destination, are all researched and coordinated in advance.

5. Creative Directing
Every blogger has their own unique writing, photography, and storytelling style. Each piece of content is an intentional part of the larger story and things like specific color tones, settings, photo styles, and more are all considered for every photo I share.

6. Branding
Branding (who you are, what you write about) may be one of the most important aspects of the blog. Deciding my niche market, what I was passionate about, and what aspects of travel I loved loved the most were the core questions I asked myself before even starting the brand. And every thing I create passes through that same filter to ensure every piece supports the larger purpose and story I’m inspired to tell. It can be easy to be distracted and say yes to everything, but the hardest part of the job is learning to say no.

7. Marketing/Sales
Proposals, emails, negotiating, you name it, it all comes with the blog. Meetings and strategy with brands plays into marketing. This part of the business is the one I’ve come to love the most — I love strategy, and love getting to work with others in a community-focused way.

8. Web Developing/SEO
Though my husband has in large helped me setup my website, I’ve taken most of the management since. Using SEO (search engine optimization) with tools like Key Word Finder, I am continuously learning how to optimize the blog and better understand what stories resonate most with the community. I’ve even come to learn how to change the appearance of the blog, even though there were moments of utter frustration. My husband would help me out a bit along the way, but always told me I had to learn on my own. I’ve been able to pick up most everything I needed to know by watching endless Youtube tutorials and how-to’s on Squarespace editing.

9. Business Managing
Managing the business. When to take meetings, when to create content, strategizing for future content, all of this comes into managing the business. I’ve been blessed this year to have Natasha come on board as a Content Editor and help out with this category and love that I can bounce off crazy ideas to an actual human and friend, rather than my cats.

10. Accounting
This one stings. I reserve one special day per month month for “accounting” and it looks something like this: receipts across the wood floors in piles that make no sense, invoices, two cups of coffee, and a cat that thinks it’s hilarious to run through at any given time.

Overall blogging is rewarding, it’s challenging, it’s humbling, and you get to share it with a community. Thank you to the countless emails of support, questions, and comments — I truly enjoy getting to read them and respond. If you have any more specific questions regarding the business of blogging, please feel free to contact me on this page.

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