If there’s something I love searching out, it’s new hotels. Centered around design and style, hotels that bring in local culture are destinations within themselves.

Here’s my shortlist, the 12 new hotels I have my eye on for 2017:

1. Keemala, Phuket

Small bird nest villas dot the ridge of a lush jungle, with views that are second to none in Thailand. Luxury and privacy at its finest.

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2. Ett Hem, Stockholm

A boutique hotel set in a 20th century building, right in the heart of Stockholm. The rooms are beyond beautiful, and cozy spaces begging you to stay a while.

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3. GoldenEye Hotel, Jamaica
A boutique and luxurious hotel on a stunning white-sand beach. Villas are quaint, and incredibly private.

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4. C2 Hotel, Marseille

A 19th century building, where bright rooms and history come to life.

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5. San Giorgio, Mykonos

Steps away from Paraga Beach, this house has a rustic-chic edge to the design and decor.

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6. Hotel SP34, Copenhagen

Where minimalism and amenities come together in a beautiful space, all right in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

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7. Washington School House, Park City

Set in a former school house, this small, luxurious hotel features a happening ski lounge with a fireplace.

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8. C.O.Q. Hotel, Paris

In the heart of the 13th, this elegant hotel beckons the traveler who craves to live like a Parisian.

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9. The Boxer Boston, Boston

A boutique hotel, centered around hip design and historic flare.

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10. Niki Club, Nasu, Japan

Set in the Nasu Forest, this retreat features a spa and heavy doses of relaxation.

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11. Hotel Emma, San Antonio, Texas

Luxurious hotel in the heart of town that is upbeat and trendy in style.

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12. Ace Hotel, New Orleans

Hip hotel has arrived to New Orleans, and in Ace Hotel fashion. It’s everything you thought it would be.

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