After a few nights in Andalucia’s beloved city, I could see just why it’s a must visit. Seville has an enchantment to it. A mix of the old and the new. So before you go, here’s a look at 10 incredible things to do in Seville. 

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville

1. Explore the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

One of my favorite things we did in the city was taking the time to explore the neighborhood of Santa Cruz. Arguably one of the most picturesque, you could spend a few hours meandering around.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville

2. See the incredible Casa de Pilatos.

My favorite stop in Seville was at this historic Casa de Pilatos. This Andalusian Palace has stunning architecture, with tile-lined walls. We came back a second time to just to soak it all in.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville3. Peruse vintage tiles at Coco Sevilla. 

After visiting Casa de Pilatos, we fell in love with the traditional tiles in the area. Across the street, there’s this incredible shop that sells vintage tiles. We picked up a few to bring home for decoration.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville4. Head up to the Metropol Parasol.

One of the more modern buildings in Seville includes the Metropol Parasol. You pay to enter and ascend up to the walking platform. Up top, you have one of the best viewpoints over the city. I recommend coming right before sunset as the city lights up from the sun’s glow.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville5. See Plaza de Espana.

On an early morning, we came to see the Plaza de Espana before the crowds. Well worth the early wake-up call, we had the entire place to ourselves! We walked around and then afterward explore the gardens.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville6. Tour the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. 

One of those sights you need to book tickets for in advance and well worth the line is the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. This royal palace is immense in size, with one ornate room after another. We purchased an audio tour and so happy we did to have the opportunity to learn more about the history behind the palace.

7. Walk along the Canal de Alfonso XIII.

If you want to get a beautiful view of the city, head straight to the canal for a great walk along the water. 

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville8. See the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, Catedral de Sevilla. 

We almost did not visit as the lines were intense (book tickets in advance!) but we managed to sneak in on a rainy day. Grabbing an audio tour, we spent a few hours in the stunning cathedral — it is truly incredible.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville9. See a classic Flamenco show.

At least once, you should see a classic Flamenco show. We really enjoyed the one at Casa del Flamenco and it as well priced for the value.

10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville10. Grab tapas at the oldest bar in Seville.

Sure it may be a bit touristy, but you can’t deny the energy and history at El Rinconcillo. Come in, grab vermouth and a few bites in the late afternoon.

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10 Incredible Things to Do in Seville

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