In a recent interview with How I travel, I shared a few of my insights into how travel has impacted me, and why I’ve pursued a life dictated by trying everything at least once. Part of the interview included a few of my go-to items that I almost never leave the house with, and thought I’d share those with you here.

Here are 10 things I always travel with:

1. Sony Alpha a7ii Camera

(see this post for more info on the camera)

2. This Longchamp backpack

(It folds completely flat, and fits perfectly in a suitcase to be used during the day)

3. Havaiana flip flops

(You never know when you might have somewhere to go swim, or may need to take a shower in a questionable space)

4. Mophie phone charger

(this has saved me, more than once)

5. A good lip balm by either Chanel or Dior

(chapped lips fixed)

6. Spotify offline

(I upgraded a while ago, and the ability to have music on the go everywhere makes it incredibly easy to listen to music)

7. A cream colored sweater

(One good cream colored sweater has always been in every suitcase as it can be perfect for on the plane, or day to night outfits)

8. A pair of Nikes

(creature of comfort)

9. Moisturizing hand cream

(always keep a small tube in my purse)

10. Document holder

(call it old school, or OCD, a good document holder is something I’ve always traveled with.)


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