With the Danube River separating Buda from Pest, this iconic and historic city in Hungary truly brings it’s A-game. From highlights like thermal spas to sweeping views of the city, Budapest was full of lovely surprises that took me for a ride. Landing at the small airport just fifteen minutes outside the city, I truly was in awe as we came over the river and saw the multitude of bridges connecting Buda and Pest.

What is one city with two very different personalities, each side brings the culture to life in it’s own unique way. Buda is the grand and hilly side, featuring places like the Hapsburg Palace and Fishermen’s Bastion with views over to Pest (like the one above). Pest on the other hand is as flat as can be though it features cafes and bustling neighborhoods — where people actually hang out. The first time the two sides were connected was in 1849 by the Chain Bridge, thus creating as we know today Budapest

Take a look at 10 ways Budapest stole my heart and why it’s high on my list to return again…

1. Mosaic and Gothic architecture as seen at Matthias Church.

2. Old world coffee houses with interiors fit for a king like the Cafe New York at Boscolo Hotel.

3. Ease of walking with a view included by way of historic bridges.

4. Charm.

5. Views everywhere you go. 

6. These flame cooked pieces of dough that are spiraled and dunked in cinnamon-sugar, also commonly referred to as Kürtőskalács.

7. Green parks hidden throughout the city, just waiting to be discovered. 

8. Fisherman’s Bastion — historical importance for defending the city in the Middle Ages.

9. Spas! Budapest is thermal spa region with 123 natural springs. The Corinthia Budapest Spa was stunning. 

10. Warm neighborhoods with friendly people, good eats and drinks. 


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