Travel apps are not always needed but when they solve problems like maps that require no wifi or all-inclusive itinerary storage, you can easily see why you should have them. When in foreign countries it is good to have some resources on you when you need them. Being on the go means your technology, references, and information must come with you. After testing multiple apps that do typically the same task, I narrowed it down to the best. These here are the 11 best travel apps:

1. Google Maps

This is the obvious one that should be on your phone but did you know you can pre-load your map for a city so you can navigate easier? A.ka your maps work offline when you are in a foreign country and do not have data.

2. Google Translate

For the times you can’t speak all the languages

3. Gate Guru

This is genius to saving time in the airport. It gives you information on what is available at the terminal you are at. You can sort by amenity whether it is a restaurant, coffee, etc.-  I typically find the airport maps are few and far between.

4. Trip Case

A must have app for the traveler. It stores all of your confirmations/data and puts into a timeline. From flights, to transfers, ferries and more, you can have it all in there. It also allows you to put notes along the itinerary. It has the ability to give you real time alerts with your flights or any changes in your reservations. The best part about it is you can share with a friend or family member so that should someone need to contact you they will know exactly where you are (for better or for worse).

5. Uber

I use this app for major cities as it makes getting a taxi less complicated, paper less and just less of a fuss in general.

6. Travel List App

This is the one to go to for those of us who are OCD and want to make sure we have everything we need for our trip. It has built out templates for travel lists or you can customize your own.

7. XE Currency

Need to do the exchange offline? Look no further, XE allows you to do the foreign exchange rates easy and offline. A must app to have on your phone as sometimes not all merchants are honest with the exchange rates.

8. Airline App

Most airlines have their own app available for download. Do it. You will have updates, easy access to boarding passes and much more.


A fun app to use for editing your photos and sharing with others.

10. Whatsapp

Need to text family and friends from home? Using WiFi you can text anyone who has the app for free.

11. Circa

The news aggregator to keep up to-date on what is going on locally and internationally.


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    Colin Heinrich Reply

    You forgot Trip It! It automatically scans your emails and collates all your trip information (flights, hotels, concert tickets) into one big schedule with maps and info. So useful.

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