It made sense after visiting Uluwatu, why the world’s best surfers flock to Bali. They’re headed to the drastic coastline of Uluwatu for some of the most pristine surf around.

Uluwatu pulls a blend of visitors — those looking to be awed by the views from 5 star resorts, the surfers, and those looking for a no-thrill surf shack to hang out in. It’s no secret that sunsets are the best from Uluwatu Temple, that the steps down to Bingin Beach are worth it, and that Bukit Cafe may be the best Aussie cafe around. Uluwatu is magical, it’s laid-back, and everyone seems to be on island time.

Here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit Uluwatu.

Locations: Impossible Beach, Sal’s Secret Spot, Nalu Bowls, Single Fin, Bukit Cafe, Bingin Beach, and Uluwatu Temple.

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