2015 is upon us and it came ever so quickly – at least it felt that way. This year for me is a time to take risks and go adventure. With doors closing and new ones opening, I am so excited for what is to come. Make 2015 a year of new experiences, new memories, and new rituals. Book a plane ticket, go to a foreign country, talk to strangers, do something that scares you… This is the year!

Here are 15 things to experience in 2015!

Swim with sharks, yes sharks. (Bora Bora)

A sunrise hot air balloon ride in Napa Valley

Do nothing. Be right where you are, take in the view, of course the beach works great. (Dominican Republic)

Fly somewhere you can’t speak the language, maybe Greece?

Get lost in a library in a city, like this one in Paris.

Get in a helicopter, go to new heights. (Bora Bora)

Pamper yourself at a spa, maybe never leave… (Byron at Byron Bay Resort)

Take a roadtrip, with no final destination – the California Coast is perfect.

Hike through the Swiss Alps, drink water right from the mountain, and enjoy the fresh air.

Dance all night until your feet can’t move in anymore..  (Mykonos)

Eat more pasta, particularly in Italy. (Sorrento, Italy)

Go to an UNESCO site like the world’s largest sandbar –  Fraser Island, Australia.

Spend 24 hours in a city: walk, get lost in cafes, stores and make the most of your time. (NYC)

Hike Joshua Tree, count how many of these trees you can see… 

Be amazed by history, learn about another culture’s story. (Pompeii)

What are you looking forward to experiencing in 2015? I would love to hear!

Bon Travels, Xx!

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