It’s a new year meaning it’s time to add new destinations to that bucket list. With hotspots between Asia, Africa, and Europe — there is something for everyone. Get ready to pack your bags and head to one of these enchanting destinations.

Here are 16 countries to visit in 2016:

1. Philippines

2. Zambia

3. Czech Republic

Check out this quick guide to Prague.

4. Cuba

5. Vietnam

6. Netherlands

Here’s how to spend 72 hours in Amsterdam.

7. Finland

8. Thailand

9. Denmark

10. Germany

Don’t forget to check out Germany’s best kept secret.

11. Sri Lanka

12. Portugal

13. Jordan

Take a look at these five must see places in Jordan.

14. Brazil

15. Botswana

16. Panama


Where are you headed in 2016? Tell us below in the comments!

Guest post by Natasha Pleis

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