If there is one word that is synonymous with “travel” it is the term packing.

You can’t travel with out packing, whether it’s your carry-on or checked luggage, it is unavoidable. We know that moment when we fret whether we overpacked or our luggage is too heavy and will incur the over weight baggage fee. Or even worse, we shopped while on our travels, and we have to buy another suitcase. 

Solution: pack lighter, and get rid of the items you really don’t need. 

Here’s 17 ways to lighten up your suitcase:

1. Hairdryer: leave it at home. Every hotel has one, and if not, I’m sure an air dry will be just suitable.

2. Full size cosmetics: yes it’s take extra time, switching containers, but is easily doable and you can save a lot in weight here.  

3. Jackets: one jacket is often enough for the trip, this is where it may be better suited to hold it and keep it with you while on the plane and save the space. 

4. Books – think digital!

5. Shoes: you only need at the minimum three pairs: walking shoes, one pair for style, and another for the destination i.e: sandals for the beach.

6. Hair curlers and straighteners: Another item to leave at home. Here’s a chance to embrace your natural hair!

7. Heaps of Underwear: take a pair or two out, maybe even three. You can easily wash by hand.

8. Layer up: thin layers that pack easily save in room and in weight, plus you’ll be prepared for anything.

9. Purses: one will be just fine for the trip, and pack a thin clutch for when needed.

10. The Suitcase: do you know how much your suitcase weighs? Take a look, and it may be time to invest in a lighter one like this.

11. 7 day rule: pack enough clothes for 7 days, you can always wash by hand or find a laundromat for longer travels.

12. Be realistic: do you really need three sweaters? or can you leave 1 or 2 at home?

13. Weather: check the weather right before you leave, as this can be a game changer.

14. Water bottles: I often hear people bringing these in their luggage to use on ground. Buy one on ground when you get there and leave the heavy metal at home.

15. Neck pillows: great on the plane, but what about afterwards? say goodbye to bulky ones and upgrade to one that easily stores.

16. Compression bags: yeah these were genius for space, but they also add extra weight. Roll your clothes, pack smart and leave the bags at home. 

17. Unnecessary gadgets: so many things you probably won’t use, so leave them at home (i.e: night-lights, shoe horns, portable DVD players, book lights, toothbrush sanitizers or electronic language translators)


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