1. Holy Belly

Those looking to brunch, this is the spot.

2. La Fontaine de Belleville

Come to this traditional brasserie for a quick bite.

3. Clamato

An exceptional seafood restaurant.

4. David Toutaine

High-end dining, where the truffle menu is definitely worth the splurge.

5. Au Passage

Be sure to snag a reservation here for a choice of small or large plates, this hard-to-get-a-reservation restaurant brings a lot to the table.

6. Les Cocottes

One of my favorites, each dish  is made in a cast-iron — it seems whatever Christian Constant touches turns to gold.

7. Papillon

Where innovative cuisine and decoration blend into a fine dining experience.

8. Septime

A hip restaurant, where a reservation is nearly impossible. It’s truly a gem.

9. Carette

A quaint cafe where the patisseries are to die for.

10.  La Chateaubriand

Casual dining elevated in a warm space.

11. Le Hibou

The spot for an after work drink and small bite.

12. Candelaria

A taqueria has graced Paris and it’s worth a try.

13. Chez Paul

If you’re looking for a hearty boeuf bourguignon, come here.

14. Angelina

With many locations through the city, head here for the best hot chocolate.

15. La Bellevilloise

Sunday brunch done with live jazz.

16. Cuisine de Bar

Come here for every kind of tartine.

17. Le Coq Rico

An all poultry restaurant — they take it seriously.

18. Monsieur Bleu

A fancy restaurant on the Trocadero, where the views are as good as the food.

19. Brasserie Lip

A classic Parisian brasserie with odes to the past.

20. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

If you do one prefix menu, let it be with him. It’s a menu that tells the story of France through taste.


  1. Nerissa Rahadianthi Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ll be visiting the city again this spring and I now have more to write down on my bucketlist x

  2. I’m dying to go to Paris so I will take this into account! xxxhttp://fallingforablog.blogspot.com.es/2017/03/instagram-inspiration-february.html

  3. Thanks for sharing this information it would have been a lot better if you had also given the addresses of these restaurants in Paris.

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