The charm of Europe is one of the best feelings in the world. Countless foods to try, cobblestone streets, and vistas unlike any other makes many destinations at the top of the list. 

Checkout 20 of the most wonderful places to visit in Europe!

1. Malta
The whole island is incredible, with rich history and small towns sprinkled across the island. It is one of the lesser-known European destinations, making the crowds not has bad during the summer. Read the Nutshell Guide to Visiting Malta.

2. Florence, Italy
A city filled small streets and plenty of restaurants to eat from, Florence is beautiful. Read the Weekend Guide to Florence.

3. Santorini, Greece
The drastic cliffs that make Santorini special are truly worth traveling around the world for.  Read the Greek Island Holiday Guide to Oia and to Fira.

4. Paris, France
Because Paris is always a good idea. Read the Alternative Guide to Paris.

5. Ghent, Belgium
A town known for historic waterways and a bustling college redefining the food experience. Read the Quick Guide to Ghent.

6. Prague, Czech Republic
A city that knows how to show you a good time and not cost a fortune is indeed Prague. Read the Quick Travel Guide to Prague. 

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oh the picturesque canals of Amsterdam have stolen my heart. You could get lost here for hours. Read the Where and What Guide to Amsterdam. 

8. Regensburg, Germany
A small town on the river, I loved it for the character and historic churches. Read the Two Cities You Should Know About.

9. Cinque Terre, Italy
Situated along the ocean, the five towns of Cinque Terre are mesmerizing. The waters are a clear turquoise, providing a spot to cool off during the summer heat. Read the Nutshell Guide to Visiting Cinque Terre.

10. Strasbourg, France
A lovely town with winding canals in the north of France.

11. Naxos, Greece
One of the less frequented Greek islands, Naxos has plenty to offer as far as island scenery, happening waterfront town, and beaches. Read the Local Guide to Naxos.

12. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Outside of Prague, is this lovely towns worth visiting while in Czech Republic. It may be the cutest town I have ever been to. Read the Quick Travel Guide to Cesky Krumlov.

13. Tuscany, Italy
Rolling hills, wineries everywhere and small hilltop towns — this is Tuscany. Read the Mini Road Trip Guide to Siena Province.

14. Bruges, Belgium
If you want to experience a storybook town, look no further. Read the Guide to Bruges.

15. Lisbon, Portugal
One city that I think is always underrated is definitely Lisbon. It’s beautiful, full of character, and has a happening food scene. Read the Local’s Guide to Lisbon.

16. Barcelona, Spain
The Gothic architecture is amazing, with a great nightlife and many neighborhoods to explore. Read the Where and What Guide to Barcelona.

17. Budapest, Hungary
Eastern Europe has a lot to offer and Budapest is one of the gems. Read 10 Ways Budapest Stole My Heart.

18. Nuremberg, Germany
Interesting architecture, beautiful views, and a lot of history. Read How To Visit Nuremberg.

19. Vienna, Austria
This is one city I wish I had more time to visit. It has a lot to bring to the table for history and a lot to see. Read I Made The Mistake, Not You Vienna.

20. Mykonos, Greece
A small island yet filled with adventure. Read the Experiencing Mykonos, Greece story.


  1. Rachel Gault Reply

    So many of these places are on my list! Major wanderlust over here 🙂

  2. Cinquere Terre inItaly is one of the best place that in want to visit befor i die with my friends. The list is very interesting but the snaps of the places are very very beautiful and feel like i am there in the snaps. So thanks to the author and keep up the good one

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Ah I appreciate this. It’s truly a magical place to go with friends!

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