How to travel more? The question that is asked over, over and over again. I thought I would speak to this topic and share a little bit of my insight and how I find ways to travel. I see three simple ways to travel more and I believe it is a mindset. I work everyday through budgets, managing costs, and looking for the right opportunity. Travel never just “falls” on me. I think it comes to having a mindset and a determination, and I try to keep three key components in mind.

Here are three mindsets to have to travel more in 2015: 


Get a strategy, write down goals, and figure out how you will implement them. This is one of the ways I find myself thinking about travel. I know that if I can have a strategy for a year, I can find a way to get on a plane.


Creativity is key and is a game changer for being able to travel more. I look for opportunities whether it is credit card point offers for a free flight, or perhaps a friend offered a place to stay, or I see an opportunity for a travel deal. I get creative, sometimes that means taking the crappier flight schedule, or a hotel not as centrally located, but by cutting cost, that’s more money in my wallet and more for travel.


I plan ahead, how far? 8-10 months for international, 3-4 months for domestic. The best flight pricing for international with points is definitely in the 8 month range. For domestic, that tends to be a kind of a whirlwind, last minute decision. You never know when air will go on sale, so I always keep my eye open and be aware. Planning ahead for travel allows the process to have more time and ample opportunity for the best pricing. 


I would love to hear your tips, and ways you travel! Drop me a note at 

(tips for travel planning are based on my personal travel vacations not work related)

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