As I’ve been combing through my travel photos, I’ve been looking for creative ways to use them. I’ve realized there are several thousand photos that have never made it off of my hard drive. So as I’ve been looking through them, I’ve been thinking of some creative ways to integrate them into our home.

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Photos

What I am drawn to most is using travel photos as a way to remember a trip. Over the last ten years with Travis, I used to make a yearly photo book from our adventures for our wedding anniversary. I did it for about six years there and flipping through these photo books has been a wonderful way to cherish those memories. Every once in awhile, I’ll pull them out and flip through them.

Another thoughtful way to use travel photos is through decor in our homes. A lot of amazing companies have made it possible to get high-quality prints in our homes. I love the idea of using travel photos to decorate our space. Such a wonderful ode to our memories.

So if you’re looking for some creative ways to integrate your travel photos into your home or cherish those special memories, here are a few ways!

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Photos

1. Print instant polaroids from your phone.

I actually used to travel around with a mini polaroid camera to snap photos on the go. I have a bucket of photos but then it came to an object I didn’t want to travel with. This mini Polaroid wireless photo printer takes photos right off of your mobile devices and prints on the spot. What I love is you can take photos off of your iPhone and print them easily via Bluetooth.

Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer From $79.99

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Photos
image via Artifact Uprising

2. Create a high-quality layflat photo album.

Have you ever done a photo album book and wished it was a bit more refined? Artifact Uprising has an incredible layflat photo album that has linen cover materials. We actually have one coming in later this month as part of a collaboration which I am so excited to see in person after seeing my friend’s photo album. These photo albums are a high-quality book with foiling and fine details. They’re certainly priced to match the quality, so they’re a wonderful way to commemorate a special memory like a honeymoon, wedding, or anniversary trip. These are the kind of photobooks I’d leave out on the coffee table.

Artifact Uprising has other options that are on the lower price point like their Everyday Photo Book, Hardcover Photo Book and Color Series Photo Book.

3. Design a gallery wall for your home.

I have several photos that would pair well together for a gallery wall in the house. Even the concept of a black and white photo series would look great in the office. I’m a huge fan of Framebridge and their prints. What I like about using their site, is that you can actually order an entire gallery wall and upload your prints to them. They have several options for gallery walls which include the frames. My favorite picks are:

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Photos
image via Artifact Uprising

4. Create a travel-themed calendar.

One thing I found as I searched for ways to use travel photos, was printing them on a calendar. Artifact Uprising has a few wonderful custom photo calendar options that allow you to design it how you like. The best part is that the following year, you can buy a refill pack and reuse the holder. They have three options to choose from: a brass easel calendar (a personal favorite), a modern wall calendar, a walnut desktop calendar, and a simple wood calendar.

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Travel Photos
image via Artifact Uprising

5. Design a memento box with prints and souvenirs.

Over the years, I’ve collected things from hotel key cards to museum tickets from my travels. As I was browsing Artifact Uprising, I saw they had this reclaimed wood quote box. I thought this would be such a cool idea to have it for a special trip, where inside you could store souvenirs from your trip and print out a handful of small prints. On Artifact Uprising, you can print out custom prints here. So the idea is that all of your memories from a single trip would live in a single box!

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