We started out mostly empty-handed when we moved into our new home. I knew there were quite a few things we would need to purchase for the new place, so I boiled down my list for what were easily the best purchases to keep our home clean and toxin-free. When I say empty, we pretty much showed up with a basic cutlery set, our bedroom furniture, and our clothes!

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home


When we moved in with my grandmother two years ago, we ended up combining most things and donating the rest. There were some major gaps (pots and pans – ouch!) and things like a vacuum. As the major researcher when it comes to product purchases, I love to spend time diving deep into the web to find a balance between practical and value. I was really focused on making sure the home was clean and toxin-free. So I set out to find the best water filter system, air purifier, and nontoxic products.

As we moved, there are a few purchases that were home runs as far as value and use when it comes to keeping the home clean. Here are our favorites.

5 Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

1. The Dyson Animal Cordless V7 Vacuum.

This is hands down the best purchase in the home. We have two cats, we have a ton of dust from the renovation, and wood floors that everything sits right on top of. This vacuum is a lifesaver. It’s light, there are multiple ways to use it (handheld, for couches, floor, and more). It has become the running joke that I am addicted to using this vacuum as it’s so easy to use.

We went with the V7 (an older model) and Macy’s seems to have the best price currently.

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

2. The Berkey Water Filter.

If you saw on Instagram, I had asked which were the best non-plastic water filters that actually clean water. It was between a few brands but ultimately we went with the Berkey Water system as it is made of stainless steel (minimal plastic on filter parts). It is also one of the best filtration systems as it purifies out pathogenic bacteria, pharmaceuticals in water, pesticides, heavy metals, and more. You can also add fluoride filters which we did as Sacramento water has it. 

We went with the travel size as it’s perfect for the two of us and we have limited counter space. (On sale now on Amazon with free shipping for Prime).

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

3. The Pure Company Air Purifier.

We live under a ton of trees, we have cats, and we have an older home. So I set out to find the best air purifier that wasn’t $800. I decided on The Pure Company which is female-run (super cool) and targeted for not just those with asthma but general health. 

Their large room air purifier is mid-range for price and looks beautiful which is a plus. It’s quiet, has a carbon pre-filter which captures pollen/animal dander, and then the Treu HEPA filter removes pollutants and bacteria as small as .3 microns. You can also add essential oils!

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

4. Chemical-Free Cleaning Products.

There are many chemical-free products on the market to choose from. You can even make your own (hats off if you do!). I’ve tried a few but always find myself returning to Saje’s line of products. I love the scent, love that it is 100% natural, free of ammonia, chlorine bleach, and artificial fragrances. 

(Free shipping over orders of $75, so I stock up once a quarter!).

5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

5. Other Accessories.

A few other favorites for keeping the home clean is this plastic-free dish brush (looks beautiful too) or handheld version, this copper sponge for dishes (plastic-free), toxin-free dishwasher detergent, and toxin-free laundry detergent


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5 Best Purchases For A Clean (and toxin-free) Home

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