A city filled with run of the mill cafes, you’ll find these 7 hip coffee shops not to miss in Tokyo will change your mind on the coffee scene. In the sprawling neighborhoods of Tokyo, each one has a gem of a coffee shop. They’re unassuming and can be easily missed if you did not have your eye out.  7 Hip Coffee Shops Not to Miss in Tokyo

The strong coffee culture of Japan is evident with a lot of the cafes doing “experimental” coffee. There’s a good sense for design and space, and paired with great baristas, you have some of the best coffee in the world. The influence from Australia’s style of coffee is evident in the way lattes are poured, and you can easily find a piccolo at most coffee shops. It’s amazing to see so many international destinations these days working to create incredible coffee shops that reflect up and coming coffee techniques. So amongst the craziness of Tokyo, you are sure to find a few spots to hop into.

If you’re going to Japan, be sure to mark these 7 hip coffee shops not to miss in Tokyo.

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7 Hip Coffee Shops Not to Miss in Tokyo

  1. L I F E S o n
    Address: 4 Chome-5-13 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan L I F E S o n in Tokyo
  2. SHOZO Cafe
    Address: Japan, 〒107-0062 Tokyo, 港区Minamiaoyama, 3丁目13 Shozo cafe
  3. Cafe Kitsune
    Address: 3 Chome-17-1 Minamiaoyama, 港区 Tokyo 107-0062, Japan Cafe Kitsune in Tokyo
  4. Bear Pond Espresso
    Address: 2 Chome-36-12 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0031, Japan
  5. Little Nap Coffee Stand
    Address: Japan, 〒151-0053 Tokyo, Shibuya, Yoyogi, 5−65−4 Little Nap in Tokyo
  6. About Life Coffee Brewers
    Address: 1 Chome-19-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
  7. Frankie Melbourne Espresso
    Address: Japan, 〒155-0031 Tokyo, Setagaya, Kitazawa, 2 Chome−7−12, ナチュール下北沢

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