It’s no secret that when I visit France, I stuff my suitcase full with French beauty products. Known for cheap yet well made products in the local pharmacies, I set out to find similarily in Portugal.

Known for artisan soaps and perfumeries, the Portuguese may step ahead of the French in well-designed products that match quality. The packaging may be reason alone to stock up, as I did for gifts for friends and family at home. After trying a few out, it was tough to part with some of the beauty products purchased.

Here are 7 local Portuguese beauty products to check out:

1. Castelbel Soaps

2. Couto Toothpaste

With an original formula, it fights mouth infections and comes in its original vintage packaging.

3. Shaving kit Ribeira do Porto

A classic shaving shop has created ultimate kits.

4. Alantoine hand cream by Benamôr

Still in the vintage packaging, this iconic product is one to keep in the purse.

5. Benamôr face cream

Again, the vintage packaging makes this product look as lovely as it works with the original formula.

6. Body cream by Benamôr

7. Claus Porto Soap

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