As we’ve been amidst designing the interior of our home, I feel like I’ve spent more hours scouring the internet more than ever. It’s one of the pieces I’ve loved most about the process of this new place. I love scrolling through Instagram feeds, Pinterest, and sourcing out pieces that fit our space.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

Our style for the Mindful Maison is somewhere between Japanese and French. Japanese in the sense that we’ve gone with neutral tones, like grey, beige, and white with minimal pops of color. French in the sense that we’ve been drawn to heritage pieces like an old barn ladder and antique cutlery. At the core, we’ve tried to embrace wabi-sabi by not always buying new pieces but well-loved. These antique or vintage pieces, for us, make the home feel cozy. Finding the blend of both the new and the old, pretty and practical, is always our goal.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

So as I searched far and low, I looked for shops whose style I could relate to. Some of the shops are new pieces and others are sourcing some incredible antiques from far away. Here’s a look at my go-to list of shops I’m loving for home decor.

7 Shops I’m Loving For Home Decor

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

Elsie Green

If you’ve ever wanted to bring back those brocante pieces from France but couldn’t because of space, then look no further. Vintage French is the name of the game at Elsie Green. With an on-ground team in France sourcing out everything from old farm ladders to beautiful French flatware, it’s one of the best opportunities to get your hands on these things. With two storefronts (Concord and Sebastopol) and their online store, you can shop either way.

I’ve been to both stores as they’re close to the Bay and absolutely love strolling through. Plus their Instagram feed is full of inspiration.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

Connected Goods

I really fell in love with Connected Goods when I read their story. They source beautiful goods like hand-woven baskets that are produced ethically by artisans around the world. They don’t carry anything that is mass-produced, so each item is rich in craftsmanship and Fair Trade.

The textiles are a favorite as well as their storage baskets for around the home.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

Jenni Kayne

It’s classic, California design. I’m a fan of Jenni Kayne‘s essential-forward design, meaning that everything has a purpose and it’s beautiful. This is my go-to shops for neutral and inviting pieces like ceramics, throws, and even clothing.

Trust me when I say it is hard not to buy everything that they feature on their Instagram. (One bonus by shopping here is their reward program.)

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor


When it comes to sourcing unique vintage pieces, LOVE HOUSE based out of Brooklyn, New York is my go-to. Their style is timeless pieces and eclectic design — the kind you’ll hang onto for a lifetime. Think designers like Willy Guhl, Marcel Breuer, and Milo Baughman.

With a storefront in Brooklyn and an online shop, it’s where to look first for curated design.

Shoppe Amber Interiors

As an interior designer herself, Amber has put together a shop that is both vintage and modern. Her shop has pieces that are produced in-house as well as pieces sourced from the top designers in home decor. I love the laidback style of their design. There is everything from outdoor furniture to the kitchen here.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

June Home Supply

From one of a kind finds like brocante pieces to everyday essentials, June Home Supply is one of my favorites for everyday items. The timeless aesthetics means most goes with everything. I’m always scrolling through to see what they’ve found as well as stocking on pieces like wool blankets and tea towels.

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor

The Citizenry

If you love to travel, then The Citizenry is the shop for you. With globally-inspired collections, they focus on sourcing from specific countries. I’m a huge fan of their print collection, textiles, and ladder collection.

From Argentina to Morocco, this is the store for finding classic pieces you couldn’t carry home yourself.

Save this piece for later on Pinterest:

7 Shops I'm Loving For Home Decor


  1. I love ‘LOVE HOUSE’! They have the most lovely vintage pieces. My personal tip for making a home cozy is to invest in antique cutlery. My set is inherited and it just brings so much character to the kitchen.

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