It’s been a few short months since my return from Cuba and it feels like I was just there. Every time I reflect on the memories, it brings tears to my eyes – it was that moving. Tears of joy for the moments I will relive forever, tears of heartbreak for a country in conflict, and tears of yearning to be back in a place so special.

Trying to put in words why Cuba was that moving has been challenging. When I reflect back, the word that comes to mind is liberating. A country bound by a turbulent past and a difficult present, the people continue to live in a passionate way. It’s the kind of passion that is liberating. Forever do I have the moment of dance party breaking out mid-day in Cuba engrained in my mind. You could feel the freeing passion as all walks of life came together to dance in a way that was mesmerizing and inviting.

Cuba will always remain in a special place in my heart, and especially today, these are the 7 things I am missing about Cuba.

7 Things I Am Missing About Cuba 

The way the light lit up the streets of Havana.

The fragrant air from tobacco farms that permeated the valley of Viñales. 

The bright food of Trinidad, made by passionate owners of paladares. 

The humming of vintage cars, in every color you could imagine. 

The daily look into life as a local in Cuba. 

The days in Trinidad that started slow and ended dancing into the late hours of the night. 

The feeling of being emerged in a place that I would never be able to understand, but at the very least could soak in. 

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  1. Thank you for the reminder of the magic of Cuba and the beauty of our trip. The country remains on my mind and in my heart as well. That trip was one for the ages xx

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      It was still one of my favorite trips to date. What a wonderful time, and so many memories together 🙂

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