“When in Rome”- the very words I tell myself after the second eclair in Paris. Indulging in other countries’ delectable delights has been a mode of inspiration for my travels. Every city has an iconic “instagrammable” moment when it comes to the local pastry or beverage of choice. When I think Italy, I see a local cafe serving up fresh gelato or cannolis. Paris, I think croissants, espresso and more macaroons then you can imagine. Greece, I see the family owned bistro creating fresh gyros and their homemade sauces. So how to indulge in all of the local favorites and not break your bank?

1. Stay off the main streets
The side streets that are not paying higher rents for the better location can price their food at a lower price. Often a few euros cheaper especially in major cities like Paris, Rome or Athens.

2. Think carbs
In Italy, a slice a pizza can go for cheap, 2-4 euros depending on where you are. Besides if it’s made with sugar, flour, and butter- what else could you ask for?

3. Splurge
Yes this is all about eating cheap, but the way I like to look at it is what’s more expensive? A $14 dollar local dish or another round trip ticket to Europe?

4. Take it to go
Many of the restaurants now in Europe are charging a cost to use their table. Absurd, I know but c’est la vie. Shave off a few dollars and take it to go. Besides eating along the Seine River is a better view anyways.

5. Take advantage of your hotel
Often your hotel will have complimentary snacks and drinks, some even do complimentary happy hour, so take advantage!

6. No soda
Skip the sugar, save the 3 euros.

7. Eat local
The more local, the more authentic and often the better price.

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