Find yourself frustrated when taking photos for your social media?  There are a few ways to relieve the stress. Taking strong Instagram photos helps develop you as a brand and establishes credibility when someone comes to view your profile. It is important to have high quality photos that are aesthetically appealing, that tell a story, and represent you or your brand. There are many ways to take a photo for Instagram, but what’s the best way? These are some of my personal tips for taking better Instagram photos.

1. Don’t take an Instagram photo
This means taking the photo on your camera app on your phone first. It is best to take it on your camera so you have the ability to edit it later.

2. Take your photo in square
I always take my photos in square because Instagram crops it that way. There is nothing more frustrating then a photo that will not fit in the cropped area.

3. Edit your photos
Use an app like VSCO or Afterlight to help color balance out your photos or add saturation or brightness.

4. Lines, lines, and lines
Be sure to have your horizons straight. Unbalanced photos tend to be unappealing to the eye.

5. Lighting
Blurry photos are to be avoided at all times. Wait for the better lighting to capture a moment and look around to see where the sun is coming from, then with a steady hand snap a photo.

6. Be yourself
Perhaps you like photos with more contrast or less saturation. Whatever it is, own it, stick to it, and don’t be swayed by other people’s style.

7. Catchy titles
Tell a story, inspire others, and create a moment for others to live when they see your photo.

At the end of the day your social media profiles speak to who you are, what your brand is, and the message you are trying to communicate. Think about what is most important to you or your company and from there take your photos. It always so exciting to use social media as an opportunity to share your story!

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