In passing conversation, I often hear a few myths around “travel.” These 7 travel myths to stop believing are common — I know I’ve even believed them in one point or another. So I want to help break these down, and hopefully, encourage you to get out in this beautiful world. Travel is powerful, if you’ve been reading the blog you’ll remember stories from Vietnam, Vienna, and more, and how each of these experiences have changed me. So here it is… 7 Travel Myths To Stop Believing

7 travel myths to stop believing

1. Travel is expensive.
In our current time, travel is more accessible then ever before. Flights are cheaper and hotels are discounting unlike before. There are deals to be had. Sure purchasing a roundtrip ticket to Paris the month before is never going to be cheap, but with some planning and precision, you can travel more affordably than ever. And yes, the big cities like London, Singapore, and Paris will always be the most expensive, but there are plenty of other alternatives like Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest which are much more affordable and amazing. If budgeting is the root of the issue, check out this post on how we afford to travel by being intentional about our financial decisions. There are ways to travel and not break the bank.

2. Planning a trip takes too much time.
This one kills me. If you break down planning a trip, it comes down to a few main categories that need to be planned before. Your transportation to the country, your on ground transportation, and where you’re going to sleep — the rest you can pretty much wing. Don’t over complicate it. Planning a trip is much easier than you think. Did you know travel agents are incredibly helpful? Most don’t charge a fee to help plan and work only on commission — and they get you the best rates! So if you’re pressed for time, reach out to a local agent.

3. Exchanging money at the airport is the cheapest.
This only takes one exchange to find out how incredibly more expensive the airport is. It’s not the cheapest. Typically the best way is to wait until you’re in town and withdraw from the local bank/ATM in their currency. Most banks give you a rate that is 10% better than the airport. Yes you’ll pay a fee to take out the money, but if you take it all out at once, you can save a lot in exchange rates.

4. Travel is not safe. 
There’s inherent risk in everything you do — even crossing the road in your neighborhood. Drop the stereotypes, don’t believe everything the media says, and get your facts to help make an educated decision. Most of the world is safe. My favorite example is when I went to Jordan in the Middle East and so many relatives were worried for my safety. Fun fact, Amman in Jordan has almost 50% less crime than San Francisco.

5. Travel is too tiring and there’s jet lag.
Yes changing time zones is exhausting, but there are ways to prepare yourself in advance so it doesn’t take a week to adjust (here’s 7 ways to beat it). If you’re feeling like you need a slower-paced trip, that’s okay too. You don’t have to do it all in one trip. I am a big believer in planning a trip that is balanced between some adventure and down time.

6. I need two weeks for a proper trip.
Another myth, you really don’t need to have two weeks of vacation for a trip. A lot of places locally can be done well in only 3 nights or less. Take a weekend trip to somewhere local, and get out of town. It’s so simple and doesn’t always have to be some long trip abroad.

7. But TripAdvisor said so… 
TripAdvisor at times can be very helpful and, at other times, can be completely wrong. You know when you read the review from the lady who doesn’t love Italian food and gives an Italian restaurant a 2-star rating? There are plenty like that. I’d suggest getting advice from people you know and trust.

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