When my husband and I got married we spent much time discussing what was important to us individually and the goals we had for our lives together. The important things of course like saving, planning for our future, pursuing our dreams were on the list but creating memories was the one that sparked an interest. When it came to the topic of creating memories, we both had such fond childhoods filled with times traveling with our families. Both of us quickly came to the conclusion how it important it was to us that we traveled together. Whether it is going to a city that is new to us or visiting a destination that only one of us had been to, traveling was a top priority. I know that traveling together has changed us, the way we perceive our lives, and how we move forward.

Here are 8 reasons every couple should travel…

1. Creating Memories
Sure this is the most obvious, but often looked over. It is easy to get in the motion of life and never step out of our normal routines. When we travel it is an opportunity to break free from our scheduled lives.

2. Discovery
Does your spouse like to try new foods? Learn a new language? So much is discovered when we are put into a new environment.

3. Bring Out The Best & Sometimes The Worst
Whether it’s walking the halls of Versailles and the glistening smile of seeing a new place or losing your credit card and getting frustrated – there are moments that bring the best out of us and the worst, both of which are good for learning about one another.

4. Romance
I know obvious, but really – is there anything more romantic then being in a foreign country, walking hand in hand?

5. Stories
Think moving forward – everything we have learned and experience when we travel, we can’t wait to tell our kids. To show them a new culture and share our memories with our kids and even others, it helps shape how we view the world.

6. Taking On A New Challenge
Lost or can’t figure out how to say something in a foreign language? Taking on a challenge together is always a great way to build a relationship and learn how to problem solve. 

7.  Reduces Stress
Simply put, taking a break from life gives the opportunity to regain enthusiasm for life. 

8. Opportunity To Face Fears
As much as I like to say I am brave, my husband knows certain situations scare me. Gondolas, I hate them and don’t trust them, but every time we head to the mountains I somehow manage to face my fears, with my husband. Facing fears together is amazing.

Traveling doesn’t have to be across a big ocean, it can be a quick road trip to a nearby place or even doing something new in your own city. Creating memories and a story together is the most important part of discovering something new. 

Travel well, travel often – bon travels! Xx

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