With the excitement of a new year’s arrival, it comes to no surprise that travelers too are teeming with excitement. 8 travel bloggers share their short list for 2018 and it’s got us filled with inspiration. What is theirs? It’s a shortlist of some of the world’s best destinations. From exotic beaches, high mountain towns, to small streets tucked away in cities left to be discovered — it’s another year of adventure. 2018 brings forth an opportunity to cross off bucket-lists and create new memories. I asked 7 other travel bloggers their plans, bucket lists, and ultimate destinations for 2018. 8 TRAVEL BLOGGERS SHARE THEIR SHORT LIST FOR 2018

8 travel bloggers share their short list for 2018, check it out!

#1 Rhiannon Taylor of In Bed With
Waterfalls, mountains, animal life, glaciers, and crystal oceans are my muse for 2018’s travel plans. So I’m keen to visit Oman, Alaska, Norway, Seychelles, and some off-grid destinations in my home country of Australia.
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#2 Lara Kamnik of Your Passport 
We will travel to UAE, Oman, and Myanmar, then Morocco and we’ll continue on from there. We would love to return back to Greece and Italy during European summer 2018 and our top two on the wish list are Hawaii and French Polynesia. I believe 2018 will be a good one!
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#3 Elana of Elanaloo
I’ve had my eye on Morocco, Bali, or Greece for a while so fingers majorly crossed for those! But I am definitely prioritizing some South Pacific travel since I live in Hawai’i. Early in the year, I plan to go to the two major islands of Hawai’i I haven’t been to yet — Moloka’i + Lana’i — as well as Tahiti or Fiji! We also spend half our year in Maine so maybe some east coast exploring — down to Nantucket or Cape Cod? We shall see! Looking forward to 2018 being a year of adventure!
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#4 Christine of Tour de Lust
I’m excited to go to Chiang Mai as my first trip of 2018. Back to Japan to explore more of Kyoto in March and hoping to make it to the Maldives for my honeymoon once I plan my wedding!
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#5 Michelle of Michutravel
This coming 2018, I’ll be returning to beautiful Maldives for the beautiful lagoon and coral fishes, explore more islands in Greece, and all the amazing seafood and nature in Australia. There are too many places that I still want to visit, however, Morocco and Bali are top on my list!
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#6 Annette White of Bucket List Journey
I’m heading into 2018 with adventure on my mind and there are two main destinations on my travel shortlist. The first is to the continent of Antartica to kayak through icebergs, visit with penguins, and go whale watching. Next on the list is a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trek in the mountains of Uganda.
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#7 Lesley Murphy of The Road Les Traveled
 I really want 2018 to have more emphasis on obscure and unique destinations. I’d love to visit the southernmost point of the world in Argentina, spend more time in Africa, and take my talents to Russia before relations are too far gone. Mongolia and Greenland are high on my list as well! Here’s to taking The Road Les Traveled next year!
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#8 Jessica Wright of Bon Traveler
For this year, Europe and some of its hidden gems will be high priority. Places like the countryside of Slovenia and places like Montenegro are at the top of the list. I am highly interested in Oman, New Zealand, and Tasmania as destinations centered around outdoor adventure.

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