If you’re in the business of blogging or even just love creating content for Instagram, these 9 game changing apps to up your Instagram content need to be on your phone. These apps help plan, create, and edit the content you share — whether it’s for a post or stories. I have an entire folder just for social and love using these apps to help streamline process, check stats, and add fonts. 9 Game Changing Apps to Up Your Instagram Content

9 Game Changing Apps to Up Your Instagram Content

1. WordSwag
The most common question I have ever received has been about those “pretty fonts” over the images in stories. I even wrote an entire post about it! I use WordSwag to add in text and have my stories stand out more than just the text given by IG.

2. Iconosquare
I’ve used Iconosquare and have paid for the professional plan for almost three years. Their date is really strong and you can see your demographics, best time to post, and which hashtags are best used. I always reference this app before posting or doing date analytics.

It’s old school but an easy app if you don’t want to get into Lightroom for editing photos. Their filters are easy batch edit and have an incredible range.

4. Retouch
Oh what would I do without Retouch! It’s the best app for removing that extra person who popped in the back of the frame. I’m not strong at Photoshop when it comes to removing things in an image so this app has helped a ton!

5.  Planoly
If you like to plan ahead, this app can help you arrange your feed and plan ahead to see how the images will look together. It’s a great tool for organization and you can even respond to comments on here!

6. Overvideo
So how do you get text on a vertical video? Overvideo has all of your video editing needs.

7. Adobe Suite
I’d recommend a variety of Adobe apps, from the Lightroom to Photoshop mobile for a more in-depth editing.

8. Snapseed
I always use this app when there are spots in my photo that are too bright as you can spot edit on here.

9. Boomerang
This is one of those apps that are just good to keep when you want to create boomerangs outside of the Instagram apps, in case you need multiple takes!

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