Lisbon has a way of enchanting almost any traveler who passes through. The winding streets, up and down the hills, with vistas into the sea makes anyone fall in love in a matter of minutes. Add in incredible food, ridiculously cheap wine, and friendly locals, and Lisbon is a sure winner. Here are nine things to do in Lisbon:

1. Take a tram ride.
One picturesque way to see the city is by the old historic tram. Grab a ticket and head for a ride up and down the hills of Lisbon!

2. Take a day trip to Cascais.
Only a short drive away, you can head to the idyillic town of Cascais. The sea-side town is charming and perfect for an afternoon lunch by the ocean.

3. Walk the LX Factory neighborhood.
This up and coming arts district is full of boutiques and studios to explore. Head here to get a taste of the local Lisbon art.

4. Take in the view at Belem Tower.
It’s certainly stunning, and couldn’t be more pretty at sunset. It’s my favorite way to end the day in Lisbon!

5. Taste the local seafood at A Cevicheria.
It’s one of those meals for the books, the kind you won’t forget. Try their ceviche, have a glass of local wine, and taste some of Lisbon’s best food.

6. Experience history in Sintra.
The land of castles and fairytales, Sintra is worth a day trip from Lisbon to see the incredible castles that dot the countryside.

7. Stop by the Jeronimos Monastery.
One of those places you can’t help but be in awe of, the Jeronimos Monastery is truly beautiful.

8. Explore the Alfama District.
This was my favorite area to see the colorful tiles and take in the local scene.

9. Try the pastais de Belem.
Last but not least, it would not be a trip to Lisbon without eating some of these local pastries!

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    Savannah Hopkinson Reply

    I’ve been seeing so much about Lisbon lately and can’t wait until I can go myself! Love your suggestions!

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    Thank you for the wonderful post about my city!These days, Lisbon is full of life and has plenty to offer.About the day-trip to Cascais, try to do it by train, by the river and then by the sea, it’s something that you wont forget!

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