As the weather starts to turn colder, my inclination to change out some of the decor kicks in. I look to pieces that have darker color tones, are earthy, and feel cozy. Blankets, candles, and lots of mugs are what come to mind.

So for this season, I’m adding in a few new pieces and rearranging what I already have. We burn through a lot of candles in the house, so I’m stocking up the cabinets in advance for this year. Coincidentally, we also broke a few mugs over the summer, so will be looking for a few new ones as well.

9 Ways To Cozy Up The House This Winter

I have a feeling we will be spending a lot more time indoors this winter. I’m looking forward to digging into the cookbooks and cooking up my grandmother’s family recipe for French onion soup. There’s not a better feeling than a warm bowl of soup after a long day. So many ways to feel cozy at home this season.

9 Ways To Cozy Up The House This Winter

1. Use Beeswax Taper Candles

No words describe a simple taper candle with a flame flickering. I’ve introduced a lot more non-scented candles into the home over the year, and love the warmth it gives. My favorite is to light two-three at night for dinner. It adds a very subtle hygge to the room. I have a few that I really love and discovered a new brand recently that makes a beautiful terra cotta color (these are the black twisted rope ones we have). I really prefer beeswax candles because there are fewer toxins and burn better.

Here are the ones I like to recommend:

12 Items To Cozy Up The House This Winter

Greentree Home Taper Candles — these are our favorite. Can purchase via Lulu & Georgia , Amazon, and Etsy. Etsy has the terra cotta color that we have.

9 Ways To Cozy Up The House This Winter

2. Add Throw Pillows

One way to add coziness to the house is through plush pillows. I’m a huge fan of switching out my pillows with the season, bringing in darker tones in the winter. Since our couch is linen, I have a few linen covers that I switch between. Also, adding one with texture (like a furry pillow) or a pattern can make a living room that much more inviting.

(My favorite store on Etsy for linen pillows is Bonne Terre Studio.)

3. Switch Out the Bathroom Linens for Darker Tones

We tend to keep white linens year-round in the house just out of habit. This winter, I’m switching those out for some darker tones. Our bathroom tends to have a very bright feeling to it, so this winter I want it to feel warmer. Adding in the darker linens will help create depth and using plush towels are all that cozier.

I tend to stick to the same Parachute Home Linens, so I am looking at the same line, just in a different color.

The Classic Supreme Bundle by Parachute in their newest color “coal”

4. Choose a Scented Candle

In addition to the beeswax tapers, it’s always great to have a candle that brings in a scent to the home. This time of year, I go for scents that are richer and feel wintery. I tend to reach for the same scents every time, but this year I’m eying a few new ones. I’ll typically burn the candle for 30 minutes or so to get the aroma into the house.

A few wintery candles to consider:

5. Bring the Outside In

With the colder and rainier months, we do not spend near as much time outdoors as I would like to. So one idea I love for this winter is bringing the outdoors in. Foraged branches, winter fruit as centerpieces, and as much foliage as one gets into a home. A touch of nature indoors always feels good as it connects us. There is even an entire book about this concept of foraging, called “The Foraged Home.” Here are a few inspiration images:

6. One Throw to Rule Them All

The power of one great throw on a couch is everything. You only really need one (okay maybe two if you don’t want to share with your significant other.) But truly, one good, oversized throw adds a level of comfort. I love it when it seamlessly falls over the edge of the couch and drapes over the pillows. A good throw just screams cozy.

7. Set Up a Tea Station

I was thinking about this after experiencing the tea station in our room at The Gaige House this last month. In the hotel room, they had all of the essentials you needed to make tea in one convenient “station” or rather on a tray. Of course, all of it was beautiful and absolutely transported you to a very zen moment. So we have a few ceramics and tea kettles in the house and my thought this winter was to create a “tea station” in the house. Using a tray to keep it all together, you just need a cast-iron kettle, two teacups, and a tea canister (+ a strainer if you do loose leaf).

I really love Japanese design so I found these for some inspiration:

8. Display Cherished Memories

One way to make a home feel cozy is by surrounding yourself with happy memories. If you are like me and love to take photos, a simple way to do so is by printing some of your favorite. Whether it is some with your loved ones or cherished travel memories, a few printed photos on the wall can bring so much happiness into a home.

Artifact Uprising has some wonderful ways to print out photos, I really love these options:

9. Pull Out The Winter Recipes

Need something to warm up the house on a rainy afternoon? Nothing beats a winter recipe for soup or a hot dish. I am a big fan of making soup for the week, which I will often enjoy for lunch. At night for dinner, I love a hearty baked dish or even a classic stew like boeuf bourguignon.

My favorite recipe book right now is Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone, her seasonal dishes are just wonderful. Also a big fan of Half Baked Harvest, her dishes are rich and just scream winter.

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9 Ways To Cozy Up The House This Winter

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