Recently I’ve received a few emails from readers asking about anxiety and flying. I wanted to share a few tips for easing flying, with ways to reduce anxiety. There’s no straight solution for this as we operate differently, but there are definitely a few factors that can help.

Flying was a struggle for me a few years ago, and I tended to struggle with a bit of anxiety, especially on the long haul flights. I found a few solutions and have found these tips have eased flying for me!

A few tips for easing flying

Give yourself ample time to check in and board.

I think one of the biggest mistakes made is rushing to the airport, rushing to check-in and being a nervous wreck through security. Show up to your flight early, grab a snack, and relax. The added stress cannot help with a flight, and being on time or early will help make the process a more comfortable experience.

Skip the sugars, alcohol, and caffeine.

I know, the three things we tend to indulge I am saying to skip. I try to avoid anything that can raise your heart beat, especially caffeine. It’s best to be in a neutral state to be more calm, and it helps ease the flight.

Eat a proper meal before.

There’s no saying how good the food will be on a flight, but my guess is that you won’t receive a meal that will nourish you. My number one tip has always been to be properly fed before a flight. Being hungry can add to anxiety and I always pack a few snacks to have on hand with me just in case.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Once again, such a simple thing, but feeling comfortable can reduce anxiety and allow for easy flying.

Listen to calming music, read a good book, or watch a light-hearted movie.

I find that contributing factors in my environment can help ease flying. One habit I have on long haul flights is watching a movie I’ve already seen, as I know I can fall asleep and not miss anything.

Consider the upgrade.

With the space in airplanes being more constricted these days, I found that the upgrade to economy plus can be well worth it for those who are claustrophobic. Yes it’s more money, but if it will help in cases of anxiety, I think it is worth considering.

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      Yes audiobooks are so good to have on the road!

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