As you scroll through these photos, you will probably think this is for the florist and not yourself. I thought the same thing when my mother told me we were spending the day in Giverny, France. Located about an hour and half outside of Paris, this charming town is not one to miss. If you are spending multiple days in Paris or nearby, I strongly urge you to take a day trip here.

Claude Monet’s Gardens Guide

Giverny, France was home to one of France’s most iconic painters, Claude Monet. Monet’s home and surrounding gardens were the inspiration for much of his work. His estate has been meticulously and carefully preserved, giving visitors the opportunity to walk amongst some of the most famous scenes in the world

When you come into the small village, you can see the lush green plants that surround the small town. When you enter Claude Monet’s gardens, it truly is breathtaking. You could spend hours walking through the rows of ornate flowers. There were some I didn’t even know existed. As you head on through towards the back, you come upon the famous pond. The painting of this pond is the staple of French Impressionist art. Being that Claude Monet was the founder of Impressionist painting, it only suited he lived on the property of which he painted. His style of painting was called “plein-air landscape painting.” This style means painting out in the open air usually in the location of what is being painted. One can see why he did so.

After working your way around the gardens, there is a tour of Claude Monet’s house that hosts some of his original work. The property is an opportunity to be transported back in time and truly take in the French culture of painting.

After touring the gardens, walk down the little road, and you will find a few cafes for lunch and rows of art galleries that one could spend countless hours in. My advice is get there early as it will get busy.

I hope everyone takes the time to go this magical town of Giverny.


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