Upon stepping off the ferry from Malta, one thing is noted immediately: Gozo beats to its own drum. The pace is slower, the landscape more dramatic, and it feels frozen in all the right kind of ways.

Part of the archipelago that makes up Malta, Gozo is eight miles long and four miles wide. It is small, but packs a strong punch of personality. There’s a bit of everything on offer on Gozo — forty-six churches, beaches, historic sites, and the favorited small villages. The island feels golden, with cobblestone towns and rolling fields. It is a haven in its own way, presenting an excuse to take things slow and enjoy the warm breeze.

The Gozo Guide

What to Know Before Visiting Gozo

  • There’s no need to rent a car as the island is so small, and the buses are great.
  • To reach, fly into Malta and hop on the ferry across the island.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen, as the sunshine is endless.
  • Card is accepted, but cash is more predominant. Be sure to pick up some euros!
  • Three to four nights would be an ideal amount of time to enjoy all that the island has to offer.

Where to Stay in Gozo

  • Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz: An expansive five-star resort in the heart of the island, the Kempinski is a rustic-chic retreat in Gozo. Featuring 142 rooms, each room or suite is set with amenities and a balcony. The Ayurvedic Spa onsite, makes the Kempinski Hotel set apart for its spa and Ayurveda programs available.

Where to Eat in Gozo

  • Ta’ Philip: A local favorite, this bright restaurant features local dishes where you can try rabbit, suckling pig, and fresh fish.
  • Ta’ Ricardu: A rustic restaurant, offering a  menu to try local cuisine.
  • Ta’ Frenc: A picturesque farmhouse in the countryside, popular amongst locals and tourists.
  • Patrick’s Tmun: It’s safe to say this would be a trendy option, with fine cuisine.

What to Do in Gozo

  • See the Azure Window and float in the Blue Hole! One of the most iconic spots on the island, the Azure Window is a natural wonder, and you can hop in the crystal-clear water to cool off.
  • Dive into history with a tour of the Citadel by foot, walking through the city that is surrounded by a wall. The Citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and good walking shoes are needed!
  • See one of the oldest freestanding structures in the world at Ggantija Temples. Dating back to the Neolithic Age, it is one of the many UNESCO Sites in Malta.
  • Walk by foot through Victoria (Rabat), and wind through the narrow streets where there is plenty of shopping and small cafes.
  • Explore Xlendi, a small town on the Mediterranean where there’s a beach and a few cafes.
  • Rent quads and tour the island!
  • Post up at the beach, either Honqoq Bay or Ramla Bay.
  • Sail on the ocean, and get up close and personal with the Azure Window and the dramatic landscape of Gozo.

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  1. Stunning photos! And really good to know that you can get around the whole island without a rental car. Would riding a scooter be safe? x

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Yeah i think a scooter is suitable if you are comfortable on one!

  2. Malta is on my travel list for the upcomming year! I´m curious, what month did you travel to Malta and how were the crowds?

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      It’s so beautiful! I was there in September and crowds were okay. I would recommend non-festival months to have a quieter stay. There’s sunshine all year round too!

  3. Saar Van Steenwegen Reply

    Hi! I’m traveling to Malta in September. I’m wondering where the second picture under “purchase travel insurance” with you lying in the water is taken and how to get there.

    • Jessica Wright Reply

      Hello! The picture is taken in the blue hole!

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