Nestled on top of the hill overlooking pristine, beautiful vineyards, this château is one to stand out. I’ve driven by this beauty more times than I could count and have always said to myself, “I should stop by.” Well it finally happened, I stopped by and did not regret it one bit.

As you enter into the gates of Domaine Carneros, there is not a detail overlooked. You feel taken into the countryside of France and brought into another destination. Later I found out it is inspired by the classic 18th century Château de La Marquetterie in Champagne, France which makes total sense now (read more on the story here). The brick walls, the expansive patio, and the views are the center point of this winery.

Domaine Carneros has been following tradition of sparkling wine for many years. I stepped into the “art of sparkling wine” tour and got an inside look into this winery, the history, and the craft of making one of my favorite wines. I had the most wonderful tour guide (ask for Mike), and it worked out to be a small group. Learning about the rich history and the founders Taittinger, created a story for me to dive into. It was interesting to walk through the different rooms where the barrels are to understand the process and science behind the craft. It truly is a test of time and patience when it comes to making this wonderful wine. Throughout the tour you get to taste some of the classic sparkling wines while learning about each one and how they come about. 

The end of the tour is finished with a scenic view on the patio and a wonderful cheese plate to indulge in with your wine. It was such a lovely time and of course the Domaine Carneros offer some of the best sparkling wine in the Napa Valley. 

Bon Traveler’s Tips:
*Do the tour to get the full experience
*Reserve before hand to insure a spot
*Try not to take too many pictures, it is quite photographic!

Bon Travels, Xx

*Bon Traveler was welcomed by Domaine Carneros in partnership with Visit Napa Valley.
 As always all opinions are own. 

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