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Hey! My name is Jessica and I am the founder and traveler behind Bon Traveler. What started as an outlet for sharing my passion for travel, Bon Traveler turned into a full time adventure. Bon Traveler exists as a home to curated guides, hotel insight, and the best in cultural, adventure travel.

Where it all started

Travel has been a part of my inner being ever since I was a little girl. With a mother from France, as kids we often returned to the countryside of Poitiers where she was from. Encountering old villages, new cafes, and wandering streets of big cities has been engrained in me since I was a child.

The story continues with me graduating from college without a clue as to what I was going to pursue. I had completed a degree in communications thinking it would afford me flexibility in a career choice. The day the job offer from a fortune 500 company came, I couldn’t bring myself to accept it. The decision to say no, though tough at the time, set me on a crash course towards entrepreneurship. At 22 years old I embarked on my first business venture and became an independent travel consultant. Spending a year as a luxury travel advisor, my job took me around the world and back. Through these travels and work, I found my love to inspire others to travel well and to travel often through knowledge and firsthand experience. After a year as an advisor, my passion for capturing the world of travel grew and I chose to pursue my blog full time.


I’ve always believed that a life well lived will be a photo album full of transformative stories. My hope is that through striking visuals and inviting narratives, others will be encouraged and inspired to do the same.

The people you meet through travel, their story, that’s what makes travel special.

I believe we become exponentially happier and better people when we have the courage to open ourselves to the beautiful and inspiring experiences that await us in every corner of the world.

Bon Traveler was born out of the hope to ignite in people a desire to seek potent, authentic experiences that open themselves to the power those experiences have to change lives. Like a mapmaker who must venture into the unknown to document the way so others may follow, travel beckons us to break from our comfort zones and open ourselves up to the abundance that awaits us both in the outside world and inside ourselves. What I love about travel, is that it’s the perfect medium for people to become the mapmakers of their lives. Travel becomes a place where we grow, change, and become better people. (More on becoming a mapmaker)

“I covet opportunities to be vulnerable in travel. Whether not being able to speak the language, getting lost in a city, eating by yourself, or taking a flight on your own — these moments make you a mapmaker. Moments of mapmaking are what change you and empower you to create your own map, and traveling pushes you into these pivotal experiences.”

My passions lie in adventure, luxury, and authentic encounters. The rush of being immersed in nature make me feel alive. I believe in trying everything once. The stories of people keep travel all that more personal. Hotels are enchanting. I have an obsession for cultural places like Jordan, Vietnam, and France. My heart yearns to taste the best in local food. I aim to be completely immersed in a destination, feeling the heartbeat of a place through its people, food, and adventures.

Thank you for indulging my story, and welcome to Bon Traveler!

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Travel well, travel often Xx.

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