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Hey, I’m Jessica, a Northern California based creative who fell in love with the world of travel.

Completing my degree in communications, the time came to accept a job offer at a fortune 500 company and it didn’t feel right to take it. The decision to say no set me on a crash course of entrepreneurship, where at 22 years old, I opened my first business as a travel consultant.

Through this work, I fell in love with the “why” behind travel and had the opportunity to explore the world. After a year as an advisor, my passion for capturing travel outgrew my desire to book it, so I chose to pursue my blog full time. This is the Bon Traveler you see today.

I’ve always believed that a life well lived will be a photo album full of transformative stories. Travel is empowering — it provides an opportunity to open us to the abundance that awaits in faraway lands and realize the abundance at home.

Now, I am one-part Northern California and two-parts abroad. The majority of the time I spend in foreign lands, curating travel guides and sharing what I find. When at home, my husband and I are weekend warriors, exploring all that there is to love in our own backyard. For me, there is not a better rush to feel the heartbeat of place, both near and far away.

Thank you for indulging my story and welcome!

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