After spending most of the mornings relaxing in Bora Bora, the afternoons were destined for some adventure. Of course with the perfect still water lagoon, where else would someone look for to get the best adrenaline rush?

Surprisingly when one travels alone, there is a different perspective on everything you do. Here I was with a new group of people, traveling on my own, and asked to take a risk. We were jumping into shark-infested waters, with not a clue as to what laid beneath us. Everyone knows my level of anxiety when it comes to deep waters, but something about being in Bora Bora challenged my risk level. 

With no hesitations, I grabbed my snorkel mask, tightened my swim suit and hopped right into the lagoon. 

The Tour

The first stop of the shark diving tour was in waist deep waters with the manta rays and smaller black tip reef sharks. These creatures were stunning and amazing to see up close. Pushing aside all of those nights I watched shark week, it seemed very comfortable to be in the water with these little guys. After an hour of frolicking in the water and attempts at getting good photos, we got back into the boat and headed on to our next stop. As a breather, we headed to the main coral reef bed to snorkel with smaller fish to prepare us for our last exhilarating stop. Don’t get me wrong, the fish were beautiful, but when you know what is coming up next, one just wants to move on.

The final stop was my biggest leap of faith. It was my first time swimming with Lemon sharks. As they took us outside the lagoon into the Pacific ocean where the bigger ones were, my heart rate went up. 

You get in the water and you think you are with the same size sharks as before but then from below appears the Lemon Sharks. Controlling your breathing with your snorkel mask is of infinite importance if you want to stay calm. As the lemon sharks start to surface a few at a time, their 8 feet in length is glaringly apparent. You start to realize you are no longer with the 4-5 foot black tip sharks and that these are much larger in size. Though Lemon sharks pose no threats to humans, the adrenaline running through you cannot be contained. This experience was incredibly rewarding when it was all over as it is unlike anything else in the world to conquer one’s fears.

Since we were on a week of firsts, the next fear to conquer was heights. I always told myself I would never get in a helicopter because it made no sense to me how they could fly, but when in Bora Bora I jumped straight in. Our group of 4 went around the island of Bora Bora where we saw stunning views. 

Since my blood pressure had had enough, the rest of the week was filled paddle boarding and moonlight jumps into the quiet lagoon. My week in Bora Bora was truly a great place to conquer my fears and left me with memorable experiences. 

Photo from: Jennie Photo 
Photo from: Jennie Photo 

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