When traveling around the world, capturing a moment is often the only way to bring back a memory to others. Whether it is with our phones or a camera, a photo imprints a memory for a lifetime. I find it difficult to bring along a good camera that does not have issues with being too heavy or in the way when I am going from city to city. Breaking my fair share of point and shoots and not being happy with the quality of photos, I finally jumped on board for a nicer camera (Nikon J3). Having a high quality photos makes all the difference and can be easily attained without having a massive camera with three lenses. After skimming the internet and talking to other photographers…

Here are the best cameras for travel:

(In no particular order)

Canon 60D with 18-55mm Lenses

The top of it’s class as far as a small DSLR camera. Photos are high quality.

GoPro Hero 3+

For those who travel with an action packed lifestyle, this camera will capture everything on the go.

Samsung NX300M

A great day-to-day camera that fits well in your purse or backpack. Captures high quality photos and perfect for the travel or fashion blogger.

Sony DSC-RX10

For those who love Sony cameras, this one is the way to go for a travel light camera that still takes great photos.

Nikon 1 J3

This is the camera I have been using for most of my social media and blog. The camera is light, interchangeable lens and fits great in my purse.

GoPro Hero 4

The latest from the GoPro series, featuring their newest technology. A great camera that is water proof can fit in your pocket.

Nikon D3200

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