What may be surprising for those traveling to Tulum is that there are some wonderful dining experiences. These 20 best restaurants in Tulum scratch the surface for all of the delicious food to try. There are a range of cafes and restaurants in the area, and if you’re headed there, I’d bookmark a few. You may even want to reserve in advance.

Tulum is well developed in terms of tourism. Plenty of well-designed hotels (like these on this swoon-worthy list) and places to hang make Tulum what it is. Sprinkled throughout, high-end dining and restaurants tucked away in hotels add the perfect touch to a beach vacation.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum

So if you’re planning a trip down to Tulum, I’d recommend giving this list of restaurants a browse. One thing you’ll want to note — the more popular restaurants often book out a week or two in advance. For our trip down to Tulum, I made a few reservations ahead of time at places I did not want to miss.

And don’t be afraid to hotel hop down here — some of the gems are often located within hotels which is a welcomed change of scenery while visiting Tulum. Here’s my list of restaurants in Tulum you don’t want to miss!

20 Best Restaurants in Tulum

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*Please note: I have been to most of these restaurants. I’m including a few extra in case you cannot get a reservation or ones that I personally couldn’t get one either and had on my list.

Travel tip: Always have cash on you as not every restaurant accepts credit cards. Confirm in advance.

1. Arca

This was certainly our favorite restaurant in Tulum and for good reason. Former Noma chef, Jose Luis Hinostroza heads this restaurant up. All of his dishes are incredibly flavorful and creative, utilizing local ingredients. The setting is also wonderful, relaxed, yet well-executed service.

2. Casa Jaguar

Both rustic and refined, I was wonderfully surprised by Casa Jaguar. Their outdoor space and cocktails were the perfect start to the meal. It was all followed with a wonderful seafood-forward meal.

3. Posada Margherita

What a welcomed surprise in Tulum. Posada Margherita is an Italian restaurant that focuses on fresh pasta and pizza. The ambiance here is magical (you can even dine with your feet in the sand) and the food was delicious.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum

4. Antojitos La Chiapaneca

For those seeking out the most authentic tacos, head right here. Located in the old town, the al pastor tacos are a must.


5. Moro at Habitas

Having experienced breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, it was a wonderful choice for when we were staying at Habitas. If you’re popping in, I’d recommend either breakfast or a sunset dinner.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum

6. Macondo at Nomade

It feels like a scene out of Morocco with plush cushions and beautiful textiles. I’d come here for a healthy breakfast and then follow it with a stroll on the beach.

7. Maresias at Be Tulum

In another hotel restaurant, we ate a few times and the food was solid. Me, I loved that we could order food down to the beach and their ceviche was wonderful.

8. RosaNegra

A class restaurant in Tulum that is always packed is RosaNegra. It’s Latin American food with a South American focus. It’s one place you can make a reservation at.

My two favorite hotel stays in Tulum were Be Tulum and Habitas Tulum for their beachfront glamping tent.

9. The Kitchen Table

This was one spot I wish we could have booked a table. Reservations are hard to come by but if you do snag a table, it’s meant to be amazing.

10. Hartwood

For a boho, outdoor dining experience, Hartwood is often regarded as one of the best restaurants in Tulum. The waits here are always long but their wood-fired dishes are some of the best. There are no reservations so I would recommend arriving early.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum

11. Matcha Mama

It’s quite the spot and I’m sure you’ve seen it on Instagram at least once. Come here for breakfast and find healthy smoothies, bowls, and juices.

12. The Real Coconut at Sanará

This wellness-focused hotel is also home to a wonderful restaurant with ocean views. If you’re visiting, pop into their breakfast spot where you’ll find a plethora of healthy choices.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum
image via Mur Mur

13. Mur Mur

One of the newer spots to open, this charming restaurant is not far from Hartwood. Its focus is on ingredients and resources from the Yucatan Peninsula. Since it’s newer, it’s not as busy as Hartwood and has been reviewed as really great for dinner.

14. Cenzontle

Located in a “secret” garden, this small eatery keeps popping up as a “don’t-miss” when in Tulum. It’s great for dinner and you can book in advance. You’ll find fresh ceviche, local pork ribs, and even a Yucatan-influenced pasta dish.

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15. Mezzanine

For those looking to switch up their cuisine, this amazing Thai restaurant is a welcomed change. It’s right by the ocean, plus its menu features organic local ingredients.

16. Loco Tulum

Wonderful spot for Mediterranean food that is open all day. Chef Idan Lifshitz has really made his restaurant a traveler’s favorite in the area for his food.

The 20 Best Restaurants in Tulum
Image via Gitano

17. Gitano

A class Tulum restaurant, Gitano is always the life of the party in the area. You’ll find wonderful cocktails (which is what I’d stop in for) and an energetic lounge to hang out at.

18. Kin Toh at Azulik

One of the most expensive restaurants in part to its location is Kin Toh at Azulik. It’s a Mayan-Mexican restaurant that serves avant-garde cuisine. Reservations are required for this high-end experience.

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19. Safari

This place came recommended a few times, located in Aldea Zama. Known for fish tacos, but also open for breakfast with dishes like bowls.

20. El Tábano

Come for contemporary Mexican dishes that focus on seasonal ingredients and menu.

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  1. Our villa was in Aldea Zama, Tulum, so we had the opportunity to visit a few restaurants in the area. Mamazul Mezcaleria was by far the best restaurant in the area, and possibly one of the best meal we ever had. They combine Mexican ingredients with Italian tradition and the result is spectacular

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