It’s that time of the year in Northern California, the one that I adore the most. On the edge of spring and summer, the temperature starts to heat up and an afternoon aperitif is in order.

May always tends to be the time of year I am at home the most. It’s a celebratory season, with my wedding anniversary and family birthdays. I love being home to enjoy the festivities, and spending time outside in the warmer temperatures. The farmer’s market seems to be stocked more than usual with endless choices of local produce.

My husband and I often head up to Healdsburg on the weekends to enjoy the countryside. We always take a stop at the Shed, our favorite place to grab a healthy lunch. Inspired by their new pantry line and famous shrubs, I wanted to share a Northern California-inspired summer shim.

Northern California-Inspired Summer Shim Recipe

About this drink 

What’s a shim you ask? Yes, let me tell you!

First off, it’s a refreshing and incredibly light yet flavorful drink. It has low amounts of alcohol and the ingredients are a combination of a shrub and a sparkling drink like Jardesca, sparkling water, or champagne. Shed sells a range of shrubs, all available online here — the tangerine is another favorite of mine.



*Enough ingredients for 4-5 drinks.


  1. Add ice to glass and fill glass 3/4 way with sparkling water. Add 1 tablespoon of your shrub. (Can add more shrub to taste.)
  2. Crush one teaspoon of pink peppercorns in hand, and add. Take the leaves from the fennel and garnish!


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