You know that list you keep on your phone, the one where you jot down everything you want to bookmark for later? That’s what this list is + a short weekly recap.


This past month has been marked with quite a bit of change in my day to day. Earlier in the month, I started an Ayurvedic program as I was struggling with my health after spending so much of this year on the road (the fun stuff like, acid reflux), and after 5 weeks of the program, I’ve never felt better. I was incredibly challenged by eating clean, and I guess you could say there’s been a bit of enlightenment in appreciating just how much food can impact how I feel — I’ll be staying to my regiment moving forward. Eating out has never been more challenging, and I will clock in almost two months of no eating out in SF, which saddens me a bit as Saru calls my name. 

Along the way, I’ve also felt how unkind time can be to grandparents. I’ve found comfort in knowing that growing is old is part of life, and we can choose to walk through it together. Though it hasn’t been easy, there’s hope. I’ve never been happier to be home during this season.

Travis and I are both feeling rather wiped from long days, and this trip to Bali we have coming up next week couldn’t be more timely. It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a trip that wasn’t jam packed with work, and though we will have a few campaigns, the entire trip is generally not work related. I have my eyes set on tropical fruit, yoga in the morning, and getting in touch with all that Bali is. We will miss our kittens, but it warms me to know we still have a few more nights to cuddle with the two before we go. 


Bon Weekend Links:

1. I found this A-frame cabin in Far Meadow (California), and I have my eyes set on it for a weekend escape with friends. 
2. This Vogue article on Anthony Bourdain was incredible, discussing the opening of his food hall and authenticity. 
3. Nat Geo and Leonardo DiCaprio did a movie together, discussing climate change and it is free on Youtube to watch. Life changing.
4. Care to know how much airlines spend on your meal? I found this fascinating. 
5. How cute and fluffy are these sneakers?
6. I may have watched this far too many times, but how can you not laugh at these cats getting brain freeze.
7. Took some time to do this 16 personalities test, and was not surprised by the results. 
8. Tiny Atlas Quarterly created beautiful camera backpacks and you can get your preorder now. 
9. I can’t stop listening to this song, mostly because of Harry Potter.
10. Falling in love with this hotel that is an architectural wonder in Palm Springs.


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    Ah girl! Congrats on your month of eating super clean, dang that diet seemed tough but good for you. 🙂 What did you type as on the Myers Briggs?
    xx Katey

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