Good morning and happy Sunday. I hope everyone had a wonderful week! 

By this time, I’ll be one day ahead because of the time change in Bali, something that always boggles my head. It’s weird to think how in a matter of a flight (or 3 in this case), you can be somewhere completely new. I’m excited to explore. If you guys have any suggestions for Bali, please let me know in the comments below — I’m all ears!

I may or may not have cracked this week on my health regime, and headed straight to Saru (our favorite sushi in Noe Valley). The omakase was calling my name, and after a tough weekend, a meal at the bar watching the chef create beautiful food sure was cheerful. Travis and I have a tradition: every time I (or we) leave for a trip, we eat together at Saru — something I cherish each time.

The week flew by, and somewhere between tying up loose ends, running errands, and dinners with friends, the time to leave came. 


Bon Weekend Links:

1. My full journey through the health regiment is now on the blog.
2. I can’t stop listening to this song, because #highschool.
3. This post from School of Life changed how I look at stress and battling my inner voice.
4. If I wasn’t scared of diving, I would love to go here in Belize.
5. I can’t get enough of this blog  — her images are beyond beautiful.
6. I have been using this as a face mister every night before bed to relax.
7. Incredibly proud of my friend Daniella for releasing her collection of jewelry and I definitely have my eye on this piece.
8. It finally feels cold enough to wear boots, and I’m pulling these out for another rotation.
9. On the note of cold weather, my hair felt a bit dry so my hairdresser suggested this hair mask by Oribe and after two weeks, I can say it works miracles.
10. For this trip, I took this backpack and organized my essentials with my favorite Truffle pieces.

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