As I am writing this, I’ve just woken up to day four in Bali. It’s amazing thus far, and Travis and I are both beyond smitten with the place. 

The colors are vibrant, lush gardens on every turn, and the friendliness refreshing. Expectations of Bali were scattered before arrival, and happy we kept it that way. Mornings are slow and steady, and with early evenings in, it seems that rising with the sun each morning has become a ritual. It’s weird to move so slow, at least for myself. Life at home is marked often by an agenda, with a bit of chaos and necessity to move fast, but life in Bali is opposite. A quote that has struck me for my time in Bali is this:

“You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures.” — Elizabeth Gilbert.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We missed being with our family dearly, but know that we will be with them soon for Christmas. 


Bon Weekend Links:

1. I’m amazed by the focus on local artisans at the hotel we stayed at in Seminyak.
2. Every day I’ve been using a body scrub, and can’t wait to make this one when I am home.
3. We stopped at this home store by Kim Soo and picked up a few pieces — can’t wait to decorate the house with Bali textiles.
4. This week’s cutest animal goes to a baby otter.
5. I’ve been living in these caftans by Mirth.
6. An interview with Alex Strohl about photography is a fascinating article by Artifact Uprising.
7. Easy makeup in Bali consists of a tinted SPF moisturizer and a sheer face powder.
8. For the locals in California or if you’re considering visiting, here’s an article on some incredible inns in Marin County.
9. I could live on smoothie bowls, and a recipe for a dragon fruit one looks delicious!
10. A video on why Design Matters.

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