It’s the end of week two here in Bali, and the trip went by both fast and slow. There were moments that slipped away too fast, like having the rice fields to ourselves at sunrise and quiet afternoons on our patio. Then naturally there were the times that should have gone by faster, like the time I stepped on a pile of ants and had them crawling up my legs. Either way, both held memories that we will talk about for years to come.

December! It feels weird that the year is almost to an end. It also marks my second year blogging full time, and I can’t help but reflect over the journey it has been. I’ll share more about that on a separate post this month. 

We had a cup of coffee this week in Ubud, and in it was a cinnamon stick — it brought forth the excitement for the winter mornings at home, snow, and trips to Lake Tahoe. It’s crazy how one taste can bring up so much! For this season, I am ever so excited to share a destination that has been on the top of my list for years for winter. Stay tuned on Instagram, where I will be sharing photos next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Bon Weekend Links:

1. This weeks challenge has been how to live minimally, and The Minimalists Blog shares how.
2. I went back to my favorite book for the third time by Alain de Botton, called The Art of Travel.
3. It was “shop local” this past week, and I love these sandals by Woven Palm from Australia.
4. Inspiration from Elon Musk on his work ethics, principles, attitude, and failure.
5. These splash proof bags have been saving my electronics while traveling through rain or shine.
6. A few emails in asking which camera I use: this Sony and it’s currently on sale.
7. If you need a good chuckle, this Cheese Rolling contest from Gloucester will surely do it.
8. Current obsession: polaroid photos. 
9. Speaking of winter (above), these are 10 adorable cabins to rent in Lake Tahoe!
10. This week’s cute animal goes to a red panda having snow much fun.


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