Whether it is early spring or late fall, Yosemite is always a great place to spend the day. The valley is filled with stunning waterfalls, peaceful meadows and beautiful hikes. Depending on what you like to do, there are many activities to choose from.

Yosemite Valley Adventure Guide

If you are feeling brave, climbing half dome is a wonderful way to experience Yosemite. For those wanting to have a peaceful day, packing a picnic and renting a bike is another way to enjoy the valley. Some of my favorite parts of Yosemite Valley are the hikes that go through some of the iconic waterfalls.

You can see most of the valley in one full day starting from the morning to sunset. When you first arrive into the park, I think going to Bridalveil Falls is a great first stop in the day. It’s nice to arrive early as the valley gets busy later in the morning. After these falls head over to the iconic Yosemite Falls and walk around through park area below it. Packing a lunch is perfect because you can enjoy it along the meadows and be out in nature. After lunch, I would grab a water bottle and head up on one of the most scenic hikes in California. Along this hike, you will start at the base of the mountain and head up through Vernal Falls and then end up atop of Nevada Falls. Make sure to grab your camera because the views are stunning. After this hike, head over to the trail that takes you to Mirror Lake. It is a relaxing stroll through the valley floor that puts you at this stunning lake that reflects the mountains around it.

Now to finish the day and enjoy the sunset head high into the hills. Make the drive up to Glacier Point, and enjoy a few scenic outlooks along the way. The final stop is worth everything. You can see the entire valley, from the entrance into Yosemite Valley and all the way to Half dome. This truly is amazing. Yosemite Valley is a special place in California, where you can enjoy nature’s best and truly take a breath of fresh air.

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