To describe this place as an island off the coast of Australia, would be putting it in layman’s terms – I have to do Fraser a bit more justice than that. It’s the land before time. Jungle filled, freshwater-crystal like lakes, and the place you will be asking for more of- time and time again. Fraser Island is one to put on your bucket list if you are visiting Australia.

Fraser Island, Australia Adventure Guide

Where to start?

I don’t know. Perhaps the fact that it’s the world’s largest sand island, or that it has a 75 mile beach that operates as a highway makes it a bit unique. But there’s more… much more. Fraser Island has a diverse eco-system of strangely tall eucalyptus trees filled with soaring, bleach-white cockatoos. Lush rain forests packed with more serpents then you want to know. Then there is the rolling sand dunes managed by packs of wild dingos, and the iconic mangrove forests permeated with the infamous swamp wallaby.

{Yes it’s the buffet of ecology, but don’t worry you will want to fill your plate more than once!}

Places not to miss

Yes, let’s cut to the chase. I am confident I’ve romanticized you enough now let’s do some exploring.

Renting your own 4X4 or taking a guided tour will be your only options for visiting the island. For those of you taking it upon yourself to drive, be sure you can handle driving on the opposite side of the road, stick shift, and an re-enactment of Indiana Jones. It is some serious off-roading, not for the amateur. Many people have flipped their cars, gotten stuck in deep mud, and get taken by the ocean for not watching the tides. As far as accommodations, many enjoy camping on the island. For the non-campers, there are two  to choose from.

What next? Head straight to Eli Creek and go down one of the most clearest freshwater creeks that runs into the ocean. Floating down this magical creek with over hanging trees, feels like a dream. Some people take inner tubes down it as it has a lazy river effect, which I’d imagine most theme parks stole the idea from. If you have the time, make your way to the champagne pools (protected pool like area) on the most northern end of the island. This is the only saltwater you can swim in as the ocean is shark filled and has some serious rip tides. The champagne pools and Eli Creek are the two main attractions accessible via the “beach highway” along with the iconic Maheno shipwreck.

Let’s head inland. Take a walk into the land before time at Central station. One of the only accessible rainforests, you will experience it’s lush, vibrant trees, hanging vines that can be confused for snakes, and beautiful ginormous moose ferns decorating the trees like Christmas lights. The walkway through the beautiful rain forest is an experience not to miss.

Now my favorite, the overwhelmingly, stunning Lake McKenzie. The sand is primarily silica, creating a feeling completely indescribable. Taking a look at this water would make you think you were on a private island in the middle of the tropics, but you’re not. You’re in the middle of a sand island at a fresh water lake. The water is warm, soft, and colorful. There are other lakes along the island, but this is the main one to see.

There are many other things to enjoy such as fishing, buggie driving on the dunes, whale watching during humpback season, and exploring the endless areas of the island. The best way to get there is by barge from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. There are also seasonal flights.

Fraser Island is an UNESCO Heritage site and is a stunning place to visit. A definite stop to put on your itinerary whilst in Australia.

Bon Travels..


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