Spending most of the year working from a mobile office is something I’ve come to love. I adore getting to work in different destinations, finding that my “work office” is often a coffee shop, airport, or hotel room. Part of being a freelance professional means being flexible in where I work, but also requires me to be organized to get the job done. This past week, I took a business trip to Seattle for a few days of content creation, meetings, and blog post writing — all of which I do when I am on the road. 

As I prepped for this business trip, I decided that I wanted to go light, traveling with pieces that would keep me both organized and prepped. So on a Thursday morning, I took off with just that — a compact carry-on and my favorite work-travel bag from Lo & Sons, the O.M.G..

Lo & Sons is a travel bag company that I’ve shared about over the years on the blog. It’s a brand I’ve long trusted for providing quality, stylish pieces, like my travel camera bag and my overnight bag. These timeless bags have been reliable and provide me ease of mind, as I know that they are durable and can hold up to the task.

As I made my way to Seattle, checkout how I packed for a business trip with the O.M.G. by Lo & Sons:

Before the trip even started, the essentials that are always in my bag include:

  • Laptop + charger
  • Accessories bag that holds my tech gear for my camera
  • Camera + extra lense
  • Notebook + pen
  • Cosmetics, sunglasses, and wallet
  • House keys and headphones

All of these essentials are always in my bag and my “must haves” for every business trip. 

The O.M.G. was the ultimate bag to pack these essentials for a few reasons:

  • There is a pocket for everything. I love that there is a slot for my computer in the interior, with two smaller pockets on the side to stash smaller items. With an open space in the middle, it means I can place bigger items more easily in the middle and still find the smaller accessories. There’s even a side pocket for an extra pair of shoes, which is amazing when I want to slip on a more comfortable pair after meetings.

  • The size is perfected. It fits underneath most airplane seats, so I can always have my essentials nearby. The size allows me to pack all of my essentials and then some.
  • It’s organized. A key feature that I always love is the key clip. It’s a small chain with that you can attach your keys to, so I never lose them. In the front there’s a pocket where I always slip my wallet and phone into for easy access.

  • It’s easy to carry. I think my biggest complaint about work bags have been the discomfort that comes with carrying a big piece. T O.M.G.’s shoulder strap helps distribute the weight evenly. The O.M.G. also has a slip that fits over your suitcase handles, so you can easily travel through the airport or in-destination easily.
  • It’s professional and versatile in style. I can walk into a coffee shop or meeting and feel that I’ve come for the occasion. The timeless look of the bag and elegant materials makes the bag look chic and functional at the same time.

  • It’s durable. The quality material means that it can handle the wear and tear of everyday use. One of my favorite features of Lo & Son’s bags is that they each look the same from the first day I received them — it’s as if they don’t age!

As I continue to work on the road, I know I can go in confidence with a bag that will fit my needs. The O.M.G. is exactly that, and thanks to Lo & Sons I can go not only in style, but in function too. 

Checkout Lo & Sons’ full line of bags here. 

*Thank you for Lo & Sons for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are own.

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