Paris is one of the most amazing places to venture off to with or without someone. The magical scenery, delicious cafes, and picturesque streets are the trifecta of this city. So grab your passport, some euros & lets go.

Paris, France City Guide | Part 1

This past summer, I went back to the city that I knew as the epicenter of my culture. This time though I went with my husband, and it was even better to experience Paris with my loved one. Before this five-week trip to Europe, I spent countless hours preparing the itinerary. When I travel I like to show up having a schedule in mind with all the information before hand because as we know time is money and is precious when your days are limited in a city. Paris was the beast of all cities. From the Eiffel tower to the Louvre to lunch at Laduree, how was this all going to fit into 4 days? Spending many hours calculating distances and times between points of interest, I created the itinerary that best fit time, activity level and location. (My husband thought I was crazy before hand, but he was very thankful when we showed up, perhaps this is why I chose to become a travel consultant).

I am going to break each itinerary into three separate posts as it will be information overload for just one. Paris may seem overwhelming to the non-French speaking person but the city is devised to fit the tourist. For those who do not speak French, do not worry, you can navigate the entire city and almost every destination has info translated into English, Japanese, Swedish, Chinese, Spanish.. etc. you get the idea.

It is fastest to get through the city by train. Make sure to grab a map in the appropriate language, and if you can read, you can figure out the Metro. So here is day number 1 assuming the day you arrived was a waste from being jet lagged. I would recommend spending the arrival day getting acquainted in the area you are staying then the full first day in the city, well full steam ahead!

Wake up. Leave early, around 8:30, grab a typical breakfast at one of the local cafes (hot drink, toast, orange juice, and croissant.) The earlier the better, as the city is quiet and no one is out. Start at Pont Neuf along the river. Walk over to the Notre Dame by 10 a.m (do a tour or walk through the church). After the church, head to the Lover’s bridge (pont de l’archeveche) and write on a lock and attach to the bridge.

From here I would head across the river over to the St Germaine district and go to the Jardin du Luxembourg. I personally like to grab a sandwich, a bottle of Pellegrino and eat in the gardens. It really is a stunning location.

After lunch head back into the magical district of St Germaine, and walk the cour du commerce on Rue St Andre. It is a magical little street of small high end boutiques. Grab a “glace” at Amorino shaped like a rose. Do a pastry tasting at Laduree, or a tea testing at Maison Freres.

If you keep walking, eventually (about 10 minutes) you will run into the Tour Eiffel. Go to the top or don’t, I personally like just walking around, as I do not find Paris a pretty view from above. After the Eiffel Tower, I would finish the day with the infamous boat ride down the Seine River. The original is Bateux Mouche at Pont de Alma right across from the Eiffel Tower.

By the end of this day you will probably be exhausted, but this itinerary is very doable with a good pair of walking shoes. Enjoy and Post 2 will be out soon with the itinerary for the second day!

Bonne Nuit


Day 2 Itinerary

Day 3 Itinerary

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    The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is amazing. La Défense, Bois de Boulogne, and every single monument from the top.I also like the view from the Sacré Coeur and in the Beaubourg Museum.I wrote an initinary for a friend (I live in Paris) for 3-4 days, if by any chance you are interested, send me an mail.

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      My name is Patricia, and I’m from Portugal. I’m going to Paris on Saturday and will stay till Tuesday night. I’ve read your text saying that you’ve wrote an itinirary for a friend. I was wondering if you’d be so nice to give some advice on what to do to see most of the cities gems, including some alternative/non-turists places!Thank you very much!

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