Black is the new black and coffee is the new water. I would be bold enough to say that you don’t go out for drinks, you go out for a piccolo in Melbourne. Simply put, Melbourne is the land of top bean roasters, unique cafes, and the carefully crafted coffee.

Going to coffee in Melbourne is not your get in line at Starbucks, order “1 or 2 pumps of classic” and wait for a burnt cup of coffee that is overly sweetened. A.k.a don’t ask for a frappucino, that’s highly frowned upon. This is the place of artistically decorated cafe shops, stunning presentation and just a good pour. The experience of getting a coffee here is somewhat of an art, actually it’s a genre of itself. The process is to be enjoyed, tasting the different flavors of the roast whether your prefer a piccolo (similar to cortado) or latte.

Seeking out the best coffee places in Melbourne is a combination between craft and space. I love a good coffee but also enjoy a nice creative space to enjoy it in. I did a bit of a head count of how many coffee shops I visited during just the 4 days in Melbourne and let’s just say I lost count after well about ten. The venues in which these cafes are in are spaces of art, high-end design and craft.

So when in Melbourne, don’t just drink coffee, experience the coffee.

Melbourne, Australia Coffee Guide

Here’s my top list (no particular order):

1) Brother Baba Budan

2) Patricia

3) Auction Rooms

4) Twenty & Six

5) St. Ali

6) De Clieu

7) Proud Mary

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