They say the way to someone’s heart is food, well I say the way to a country’s heart is through a cooking class!

As an avid foodie, I was ridiculously stoked when I found out we would be taking a cooking class in Amman, Jordan. I was so excited to learn about the colorful, fragrant spices and the secrets to the delicious Arabic dishes we were eating on this trip in Jordan. If there is one recommendation I can ever give you, it is to take a cooking class in a foreign country. It is an experience that you will cherish and every time you take a bite of food from thereon, you’ll remember the spices, the ingredients, and the art of cooking from the culture.

So imagine a warm, sunny day in the heart of Amman. The weather is beyond perfect, a bit of a breeze, and you come to this small, winding road that leads you to stairs. You take the stairs under the sign “Beit Sitti” and you arrive upon this patio that overlooks the city. It is the most adorable terrace, decorated to a charming perfection, and this is where you are going to learn to cook.

Welcome to Beit Sitti — this translates to “my grandmother’s house.” Meet Maria. A charming chef with a passion for sharing her culture’s food. If her wonderful food doesn’t win your heart, she surely will. She commands the audience with grace and this warm spirit that can be felt the minute she welcomes you to her grandmother’s house. Let’s be honest, a cooking class is nothing if your instructor doesn’t have a way with words and she surely did. 

From here we spent the rest of the afternoon chopping, tasting, dicing, tasting, slicing, and tasting some more. This was the best part of the cooking class, you got to taste all of the spices as you learned how to cook with them. Maria also taught us the art of slicing onions, garlic, and tomatoes like a “pro” and gave us a break when we couldn’t quite figure out the art of using a knife. The cooking class was centered around classic Arabic food and we learned how to cook fattoush, mandi, and many more dishes. 

As the dishes started to finish off, we sat on the terrace, took in the views and sipped on fresh mint lemon juice and enjoyed the day. Of course after all of this hard work, it is time to reap what you sow. We sat around the table and shared the beautiful dishes we created all together. It was magical. Tasting each spice in action made each bite that more impactful. The time at Beit Sitti made for a peaceful afternoon for indulging in the best part of a culture, food. 

Next time you are in Amman, Jordan, be sure to take a cooking class at Beit Sitti.

Thank you to Visit Jordan for hosting me on this experience. As always all opinions are own.

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